The Love Lanes Festival

Who says nothing happens in Leicester?

There’s loads happening if you know where to look…

I got a phone call Monday that made my day… It was Maz the owner of The Very Bazaar, looking for a tarot reader.
This filled my little Tarot heart with glee as The Very Bazaar is where my very first tarot deck came from, way back in 1988.

Yes… My first love was The Elemental Tarot by Caroline Smith and John Astrop


Hop over here… The Elemental Tarot … you can try out a free 3 card spread.

There were not that many places to buy them then… and that little box of tricks turned out to shape my life considerably. I still read with that deck and I’ll be bringing it along on the day…

So… The Love Lanes Festival

The Love Lanes Venue
The Love Lanes Venue

Come and see the Lanes buzzing as you have never seen them before; shops, stalls, cafes and hairdressers all spilling out on to the streets, with workshops and demonstrations, live music, comedy, art installations, fashion shows and performances from the schools of Burlesque and Lindy Hoppers to name just a few of the treats that await you and all for a good cause!

Saturday 20th July 2013 – free entry 10:00 – 17:00

So… It would appear, that anybody who is anybody, will be joining the party…

I’ll be there, with my current partner in crime – Jordan Hoggards’s Tarot in the Land of the Mystereum


If you fancy a spin then try a  free test drive over at Annikin Divination

I’ll be speed reading using a little technique I’ve picked up called The Treasure of the Stones.

Readings will be free on the 20th for customers of The Very Bazaar… you might want to pop in there beforehand and check the details… but the rumour is that you should bring down anything that you have bought from the shop during its 40 years of trading. It looks set to be a trip down memory lane…

There’s lots going on… Maz has quite a party planned…

There’s another Tarot Reader –

My good friend Charlotte Venkatraman

 Charlotte Venkatraman email:

Charlotte Venkatraman

Aromatherapist, psychiatrist and regular contributor to The Portal

Charlotte brings a wonderful warmth to her readings…

She will be doing tasters of Thoth, Psycards and other colourful decks

There’s also a crystal healer and I think a Mendhi artist

and I’m sure much more…

The Very Bazaar ~ Silver Street, Leicester
The Very Bazaar ~ Silver Street, Leicester

I’m Karen Sealey

– Pure and Blessed Tarot –


Often accused of reading with whizz bang accuracy in a wonderfully unique and effective style.


If you’re a customer of The Very Bazaar

Come along and join us


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