A Darwin Double Pounder

Mostly I stay out of politics or topics likely to turn political… Much to the horror of most people I know, I don’t vote. Yes, I know I have a right to vote, a right that’s been hard won by others but I see it as a right to choose to vote. I see politicians… you ask me to vote and I weigh things up and I come to the conclusion that I’m being asked to choose which arm I would prefer to cut off. It’s not a matter of being ambivalent, it’s a matter of I need to be more than 50% certain that I’m making the right choice. Give me something worth voting for and I’ll back you 100%

But sometimes you can’t tactfully swerve  conversations… Or mediate things towards a more harmonious middle ground…

Yesterday, there were 4 people in my car… I guess the news must have come on the radio, though I don’t recall that being so… Maybe the topic was just in the air anyway… The news is currently beyond terrible… No, it was the radio… An update on the charges being brought against THOSE police officers…

A heavy silence hung in the air, broken by the least qualified to make comment person in the car… The sentences started with a yeah but… Out spilled ill informed, ignorant, bigoted claptrap…

I interjected ‘Oh mate! Wind your neck in! Drop it now.’

He continued and upped his ante… Now usually in my car, I have near zero tolerance on arguments and I will step in and insist – c’mmon children, play nicely…

Yesterday, I smelt a Darwin award in the offing… I like to get to know my carers, people assume it’s a job for stupid people… I know different, I knew that the African girl sat behind me was in the final weeks of her degree… Her Masters in Law.

I sat back and waited… She didn’t let me down… She calmly sliced through his every word, her words moving with the dexterity of a sushi chef… She slowed him down but stupid is as stupid does and he came back for more… She blasted him with facts, she had him on the ropes but still he carried on… Then he decided to back peddle a little and say that he wasn’t arguing with her.

Bad move!

‘Arguing? There is no arguing, these are facts! Your opinion holds no weight here. Here, here are some more facts for you…’




Oh lord, give me strength… He started again with his ‘yes but’.

The other girl in the back, a Forensic Science student, let loose… Fast and furious and more fluid in her second language English than him in his mother tongue Brit speak. She hit him with the grace and power of how I imagine ballet would look as a martial art… She flung words and they flew like Capoeira choreography…

I still sat back and smiled as the pair of them tag teamed like two lionesses disembowling a hyena…

It was beautiful to behold…

He turned to me, expecting to find an ally… Karen, help me out here?

Nah, I warned you… You ignored me…

I dropped him off along with my tiny verbal dancer, she gave me an over the shoulder wink suggesting she’d still got a few moves to bust him with… Further on, I let out my Lawyer… I’m left with passenger 4 who has been silent throughout…

Karen, I’m so angry, I can’t talk. In my own language, I would have so much to say but in English I don’t have all the words. Why can’t he understand to keep his stupid hateful opinions to himself? Fuck it! Saturday I am definitely going to the protest!

I told him that I didn’t know why… I said that maybe sometimes people talk for the sake of talking but if it’s not your story then it’s pretty dumb to tell other people what their story is… It’s probably best to just sit back and listen… And if you’ve just heard about horrific news and your impulse is to say yes but, then maybe you need to have a word with yourself and stand in front of the mirror until you find some shred of humanity…

I taught number 4 a couple of words (not expletives) so he can express his anger more easily in English…

Though his English is already very impressive, he said to me that he thought that people were too invested in having the last word, too afraid to admit mistakes and say when they’re wrong…

He’s a Biologist, we both agreed that it’s time for people to evolve and time for many old ingrained attitudes to die out…

This morning, thinking about my fence sitting, I half remembered some old Astrology notes along the lines of me writing about my Libra placements… Something about I’m pretty ambivalent until I’m not ambivalent… I couldn’t remember the rest and decided to search… I didn’t find them, but I did find this that I’d written in 2014 about Mars… It seems to fit the current mood…

I can’t visualise my Mars nozzle switched off… However, the images, sensations, emotions etc. that I do get are pretty vivid so I’ll write down what I saw…
I don’t see a nozzle, I see a rose head sprinkler and jets streaming in all directions and little splashes and flashes of rainbows as the sun hits things from just the right angle every so often… So this nozzle… it doesn’t switch off but every so often a big heavy boot comes and stands on the hose and the spray becomes languid trickles and if the boot passes then the flow returns… but sometimes the boot stays and then another and another until no water can escape… Now to the casual observer, it would appear that now it is off… but what happens is… there are lots of underground pipes and while the boots are crushing one… half a dozen more are rounded up and the rose head sprinkler gets replaced with a power jet and all the underground pipes feed into one focused jet that blasts right into the sky…

So… my phrases are:
Anger distils inheritance
Purging resolves ritual  

Basically… it boils down to:

The Power of being Sacredly pissed off!

18 thoughts on “A Darwin Double Pounder

  1. Woo Hoo Dafuqin A-dafuqin-men, A-dafuqin-women!!

    Goes right along with my policy. Be peaceful… but let motherfuckers know.

    Again with Mark Twain: “If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it. Feigns influence, forgets will.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You write great policy!
      Thanks for the MT quote. I’ve only come across the first half before. I wonder why people leave the last 4 words off? I like the 2nd half a lot.


      1. Lol. You’ve only come across the 1st half of the quote before, as I ad-libbed the 2nd part,. 🙂

        LOL If he comes to my window tonight as the undead to resolve my revisionist history, I’ll just offer him a a Malbec or Carmenere Sounds like al fun night. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for liking the 2nd half a lot! … as I WROTE IT into him. 🙂 + sunglasses. Effin emoticon keeps disappearing.

        What was that about plagiarism and hard-core. Yup, make it mine and enhance and reinforce and evolve to strengthening. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I like to revise history to what was more apt and probable and full. Heck, it was scribed by the victors in the 1st place. Like THEY had any ethics to be all-inclusive. 😉 I see NO prob fuckin’ with their dafuqin’. 🙂 I see what I see. If I need to pin it into History? Cool. Someone and I will have some words.

        Policy: Be peaceful, but Let Motherfuckers know. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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