A Refound Reading

Crystal Cast 17/06/2016

I’ve spent the last few days resisting the urge to get my tumblestones out (or tumbles tones as my autoguess likes to suggest… Tumbles tones… Tumbles tones… I’m tempted to roll with that… I guess it would keep me moss free…)

I started reading stones by accident I guess… 2010? 2011? I remember around that time I was being challenged fairly frequently on my interpretations of tarot cards… Constantly being called out because they didn’t match LWB definitions. These days I laugh as I realise I’m sat with a duvet divinator… My pet name for wannabe readers who clutch their rules, sit on their beds and only read for people they know… People who call them the psychic one in the group… Duvet divinators… Hesitant to take the leap into going pro and test the waters by pretending never to have had readings and going out to test readers… I laugh because I know people just from the very way they pick up my cards… I know instantly whether or not you’re a reader…

Back then, I used to worry about such challenges… Now, like I say, I laugh and words roll out… Yes, you’re right these cards don’t mean that! Oh! But you’re talking RWS and that’s not this system… Oh… And these are my cards in my hands so your LWB soundbites fall on deaf ears here, today, my cards, in my hands mean this in your story… Am I correct with your story?

Yes, but… 6 of…

OK, are you paying me to read your story or are you paying me to listen to you reciting words that don’t apply here today?

People need to learn not to mess with ex-croupiers. We’re trained to stand by our table and rule our domain and smack people into line by hurling chunks of gaming legislation and house rules at them… My experiences as a pro tarot reader improved significantly when I dragged my past life persona into the spread…

But back then as a worrier, it felt like a problem to be not so much avoided but maybe circumvented… Nipped in the bud… What was the solution?

I thought about it and thought about it and then it occurred to me that I’d stopped wearing jewellery… I think at the point, I’d stopped wearing all jewellery, even my wedding ring… But the first jewellery to go was the crystals.

Hmmm? Why did I ditch those? I love my stones… I thought a little more… Oh… I know! I’d had a phase were I’d constantly been having people accost me with unsolicited readings… I find unsolicited readings crass (I can excuse them if they happen to bang on point and very pertinent to a current issue). I started watching these people and how they spoke to other people… They had passive aggressive tones… Diagnosing people with blocked chakras. I’d watched people on the receiving end squirm uncomfortably… Then I realised what was going on… The unsolicited readers were cold readers taking pot shots based on stones people were wearing… I decided to test out my theory. I’d watched a serial offender over quite a time and I knew I’d be bumping into her… I very prominently wore a rose quartz at my neck… She took the bait… Your heart chakra needs healing, you’ve just come out of a relationship, he wasn’t that committed to you… You need to learn to love again…

Oh really? Are you sure?

Yes, you thought it was love but this was a bad relationship to ready you for meeting new love…

I put my hand to the rose quartz and held it towards her… You’re picking that up from this?

She looked shifty…

Time to educate her… OK, I’m very happy in my relationship, he says he loves me, but OK people can say anything. You say he’s not committed? The evidence suggests otherwise… Hmm… Mortgage, 4 kids, people carrier, bunch of cats… Named on his life insurance… What do you think? A keeper? Or no?

She shuffles her feet awkwardly…

I break the Magician’s code and roll up my sleeve… Now this! This is the one you should have read. Do you know what this is?


Yup, I wear it because I don’t like people with bad energies around me, so will you kindly step out of our space…

So, I don’t wear rocks for the same reason I don’t have tattoos… I don’t parade my personal stories for people to play party games with me…

Hmmm… What if I could twist this a little and use it for good… I gathered up all my crystals scattered througout the house… Sifted and sorted into piles… Oh… A couple of gaps here in the colour spectrum… That’s easily fixed… OK… Within the piles… Ah… They kind of split into 3 different kinds… Creative sparkly energies and calm receptive tones… And hmm… These more fluid types that seem to glide one way or another depending what’s placed next to them… Ah… Yes, I can read with these and oh… No LWB… No-one nowhere ever is going to have a set that matches mine… These are mine with my meanings and no-one can ‘yes but’ me.

I took them out for road tests… I liked that as people sunk their fingers into them, they went quiet and relaxed… The stones set good tones to read by and so the Crystal Cast was born.

I don’t take them out so much these days as I prefer to read them via distance so there’s zero interference from the querent… And so I can leave them sat to steep and brew until the reading forms in my head like a raindrop rolling down a leaf, poised ready to effortlessly fall… tumble stones turned tumbling tones…notes played to typists’s keyboard 🙂

Today, I found a brief thought for the day type reading, written when playing around with the new casting board I’d painted…

I’m just going to drop it here…Today, it kinda rocks for me. If or when it’s read and it resonates for you then take it as gifted your way…

The ability to see beyond your world, whether that be via recalling dreams, or reflecting upon the past or being open to new experiences that allow you to delve below the surface of situations… anything that causes you to question stories that you took at face value so that you can now find the hidden depths and structures… any or all of these ways, will help you to resolve and bring an old story to a natural ending and so dissipate the dense and heavy energies that were left as its legacy… Healing comes from adapting abstract ideas to bring them into your everyday life…

3 thoughts on “A Refound Reading

  1. Amen on All! Especially, the “you don’t pay me to recite a book.” Guidelines. Initial starting points conceptually. And, sometimes those LWB starting points have dyslexically mirrored echoes, homonyms of divinatory meaningS… and WHEN is that that the “same” thing expressed goes to a different meaning? Well, every time they are living in context in a reading is when. I appreciate you fishing with the rose quartz bait. I learned the hard way, of course until I did and then it was par for the course to keep my trap shut and not be influenced by their “reading,” when what they were really doing was confess their own glass ceilings as they go on and on and on about themselves… of course under the poor guise of saying it’s about you.

    I rather resonate with the reading drop of dye plop-dropped into the water at the end. I will put that in the sidecar and get it some mileage today. Helmet of course. “

    I’ll be out all day, though this post is another great one to come back to. I love that croupier experience. Carnies do it, too. Two great groups to learn from to sidestep and slip almost all manipulative attempts without even moving. As Jean Lux Picard might say if he was a Reader… “Mirrors up. Mouth shut. Engage.”

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