Get your eRead here…

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Purchase a reading via email using the relevant PayPal button…

I am an intuitive reader and will choose cards, crystals or a combination and read in which ever style I feel is best suited to your question.

To order a reading, choose one of the following options.

Upon receipt of your payment –

I will email you (usually withing 24 hours) to discuss your questions and to let you know when to expect your reading.

Times vary due to demand.

Speed eRead ~ £10

A brief email reading, ideal for when you want clarification on a single subject or are looking for an update on a situation that I have previously read for you.

Speed eRead ~ £10

In-depth eRead ~ £40

A detailed email reading to look at one area in depth or to look at three questions on a more general level.

In depth eRead ~ £40

Year ahead eRead ~ £60

A month by month look at your year ahead along with highlighting the general theme and trends.

Year ahead eRead ~ £60

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For all other bookings, details can be found… HERE

The service offered is for entertainment purposes only. I am not qualified to give Financial, Legal or Medical advice. If you need financial, legal or medical advice then please seek out an appropriate professional.

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