Carpe Memento Mori

I previously mentioned the shelved image that stepped aside to let the Architect’s Hand slide into being… Working titles of dancers? Death dancers? (Though now officially named as per this blog post title). As I pulled this image out for the day, I smiled as I thought that it was number 13 to be written […]

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Architect’s Hand

Today my manager rings and asks if I can just nip to Bristol. I ask ‘When?’ and she says ‘Now.’ I’m more than delighted as a 300 mile road trip with my favourite person (me 🤣) is plenty of thinking time to mentally write up that D. O. card that’s been waiting in the wings. […]

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When Magicians Meet

My intention this morning was to move on to another card in the D.O. The card has been chosen, the story lags behind and tells me it wants another day to brings lines into order. I decided OK, let’s take a break but then this story from 2 years ago today appeared in my time […]

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Flying Kites

These birds flew in, alongside Dear Heart and Burning Beau. I remember thinking there was something a little off about them. Why Kites? They were very distinctly Kites in my journeyed vision, Red Kites with distinctive forked tails (though the V appears to have got lost in the waxing)… and that felt strange against the […]

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Burning Beau

This image in the D.O. formed part of a trio that came through together in a single journey. Burning Beau, was accompanied by Flying Kites (most likely my next post) and Dear Heart (as met in previous post). In many ways Burning Beau felt to be a counterpart to Dear Heart. His image forged through […]

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Dear Heart

During lockdown, my house is filled with myself, Mr S, and 3 of our brood. We’re all absorbed with our own little things going on in our own little universes. Sometimes ripples sound out from theirs into mine… Daughter asking if I have a spare sketch book? Middle son drumming out beats, other son and […]

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Timing is Everything 

Artistically, this image from the D.O. is not my favourite, but looks aren’t everything and this card earned it’s place in other ways. This strange image came after a journey with C and a conversation piecing together the visions we had seen. Four maidens sat in a behind the scenes room, around a table like […]

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Air Traffic Control

This was a relatively pain free birth. A couple of things differentiated this image from the others in the D.O. Firstly, this is the only card where I sacked off the original image and went back to the drawing board. At first glance, the fledgling image seemed to capture the vibe I was looking for, […]

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Oyster Spit

“Jabez” I mentioned this name in my previous post and said I would return. Jabez, a name meaning borne in pain. This image from the D.O. was a dark humoured joke with myself. During fieldtrips with C, I would often find myself sliding into lengthy, often cussed filled Rantras as I clawed at whatever it […]

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