Karen Sealey’s Pure & Blessed Tarot

Karen Sealey’s Pure & Blessed Tarot

Tarot has played a very strong role in my life, since and I began reading cards in 1988. However my first experiences of connecting and working with intuition started as a very small child. Many of my earliest memories are of sitting with my grandmother, looking into the open fire and telling stories about the colours and shapes that danced in the flames.

My other great passion is my art. As a small child, my hands always held something that I could scrawl with to describe the word as I saw it. I drifted away from art as a teenager when in more formal situations, judgement and self-criticism sucked the joy out of it. Though unknowingly, I continued to develop my skills, as it was a natural way for me to learn, explore and understand new knowledge.

My studies in Tarot lead me back to art, as I began drawing the cards to deepen my understanding and to use for meditation.Then combined with the healing work that I have done, particularly in Reiki, I began to realise that I could use my art in an intuitive way to help other people understand their situations.

My life has held many personal challenges and each stage where I felt that I had hit rock bottom, I sought out knowledge and skills to help me regain direction. This has great impact on the work I do and how I read Tarot. I don’t believe in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cards. Life is what you make it! Personal experience has shown me again and again that the toughest times have brought the greatest rewards, even though that is not always apparent at the time.

I have trained extensively and worked in many areas of the Holistic sector. I seek to bring my experience and expertise into providing a creative and personal approach to Tarot.

My most recent project has been to publish The Waxing Oracle and I am currently collaborating on a deck… the cat is still in the bag with that… so  for more details, you’ll have to watch this space… 😉

Pure and Blessed Holy Fool
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