As the rest of the country readies itself in preparation to ease into the new normal, Leicester goes back to square one and full lockdown begins again… It’s hardly a fucking surprise… The only thing that does surprise me is why Sir Peter Soulsby is being given air time… Oh… He understands the need for […]

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Sealey Fan Mail

I got home this morning wondering whether or not I had anything to write about today… Certainly a couple of things had made me smile for different reasons, but would they segue in a pleasing way… Hmmm… Maybe? 2 seperate things can be tricky to link sometimes without feeling forced or contrived… 3 things… Usually […]

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Missing Swimming

The dull sickening thud against front bumper, was not a good start to the day… My heart sank as I realised I’d just made my 3rd avian kill. This early morning murder felt worse than previous hits… I felt sad and annoyed with myself that I’d not adjusted my path. The first bird to die […]

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Refound Reading 2

This morning I smile… Mr S over the years has often commented that he thinks I’m a time traveller visiting from the future… He’s noticed I have an uncanny ability to speak about something that will appear in the news a week or so later, or that I have ideas that I shelf and forget […]

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The silent ancestors

Ancestors of not doing your dirty laundry in public. Ancestors of lying about where the bruises came from. It isn’t nice to talk about that. It isn’t polite. It isn’t appropriate. Don’t mention it. The ancestors who said ‘what will the neighbours think’ and felt it was more important to put on a good show […]

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My Virgo Hell

Recently in conversation with a fellow Virgo birthday twin (in day but not year), we slid into talking about the inner monologues that run through our heads… At last! Someone who shared my hell! I made a joke about writing these angst ridden tales down… Then dismissed the idea with an ad nauseum list of […]

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Under Isa…

Just before I put the D. O. to sleep, I cast a set of runes for each image… Scattered seeds for stories to be written should I ever decide to go back and unearth the bastard child… Yesterday I sat all day at my desk… I’d pulled the card for the day and jotted down […]

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Lifting, Grifting, Sifting…

Well… It had to happen it didn’t it? I knew it would… I just didn’t expect it quite so quickly. The lesson I’ve repeatedly flunked in life is the one about being careful as to what you joke about. For other people it’s be careful of what you wish for. I don’t make wishes… So […]

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A Refound Reading

I’ve spent the last few days resisting the urge to get my tumblestones out (or tumbles tones as my autoguess likes to suggest… Tumbles tones… Tumbles tones… I’m tempted to roll with that… I guess it would keep me moss free…) I started reading stones by accident I guess… 2010? 2011? I remember around that […]

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Narcolepsy and Notepads

Writing… Writing and I, we have a strange relationship… Tossing words down on a keypad is fast and fluid… Why is that? Hmm… Ah… OK… Ah… Yes, I know why… I’ll come back to that trick. Writing on paper… Eugh… It’s always been a laborious task. And still is! People assume that because I write, […]

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