A Brief Affair?

Previous|Master List|Next It’s been a long long time and although I’ve been full on embracing my Hermit mode, I guess it is maybe time to step blinkingly into the sun to see what’s going on in the rest of the world. And what better way to do it than by taking up Joy Vernon’s invite […]

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Fresh Tobacco and Dead Badgers

Some people might say – Let it go… Rise above it… My mind in situations where that might be appropriate, instead says – It’s all just fresh tobacco and dead badgers. Sometimes I say that out loud and some people look at me oddly and other people who’ve heard me ramble on about the thoughts […]

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Nudity & Prudity

A few years back, I don’t recall exactly when, I decided that online groups were not the place for me and so I sat quietly and mass departed. OK admittedly there might have been a couple or so groups in there that I did like but who has time to sift through piles of crap. […]

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Bloody Pigeons!

Pigeons… I know a lot of people who don’t like them, who refer to them as flying rats, and who think that these birds deserve to die… I can kind of see where these folks are coming from and it’s not really something that sits well with me and it’s not something that brings me […]

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Swimmingly Well

Yesterday I swam for the first time in almost an eternity. My last swim was in 1B.C. (before covid 😭!) my brain no longer tracks dates with much ease having been blessed with living in Leicester (aka Plague Central) and locked down for 16ish months… People talk about the New Normal… I can barely remember […]

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The trouble with words is that you never know where and how they’ll land. A few weeks or so I recieved a text. It was out of the blue… Hmm… No, that’s not quite exact, it was unexpected… Not at all out of the blue once I thought it through … It had just taken […]

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Psychic SatNav

Yesterday pulling out of the layby I felt the grin spread wide across my face as I chuckled away. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mr S quietly shaking his head in disbelief, which of course made me laugh louder… I don’t know how you did that? I didn’t answer and […]

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