One year ago…

The silence of 1am interrupted by a ringing phone could only mean one thing. The screen glowed into life a name who never calls with any good news… Never calls with any news really… Only contacts via messenger with predictable words of – Are you still up? Can you read me some cards? Time paused… […]

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Picked clean like a well gnawed chicken bone, early memories stowed away in timecapsule tat, flogged to highest bidder as vintage household… Venetician blinds raised high and skewed, giving unobstructed views… The rear garden visible from the pavement out front. An angular awkwardness, a refusal to sit straight, a reflex reaction to being forced open […]

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Between Worlds…

Mr S is a creature of habit and oftentimes I abscond him, drag him away… He mumbles and grumbles until he realises that he’s quite enjoying the unexpected change of scene. Me… I have an inbuilt urge to drive into the distance… I can easily imagine myself as the newspaper headline telling of the woman […]

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Unbound Binding

Previous | Master List | Next Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop hosted by Jay Cassels, who has set the theme Sometimes you think you’re randomly laying down cards in idleness… Just placing a few images to get a feel for a new deck but experience tells me that cards don’t seem to get […]

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A Brief Affair?

Previous|Master List|Next It’s been a long long time and although I’ve been full on embracing my Hermit mode, I guess it is maybe time to step blinkingly into the sun to see what’s going on in the rest of the world. And what better way to do it than by taking up Joy Vernon’s invite […]

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Fresh Tobacco and Dead Badgers

Some people might say – Let it go… Rise above it… My mind in situations where that might be appropriate, instead says – It’s all just fresh tobacco and dead badgers. Sometimes I say that out loud and some people look at me oddly and other people who’ve heard me ramble on about the thoughts […]

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Nudity & Prudity

A few years back, I don’t recall exactly when, I decided that online groups were not the place for me and so I sat quietly and mass departed. OK admittedly there might have been a couple or so groups in there that I did like but who has time to sift through piles of crap. […]

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Bloody Pigeons!

Pigeons… I know a lot of people who don’t like them, who refer to them as flying rats, and who think that these birds deserve to die… I can kind of see where these folks are coming from and it’s not really something that sits well with me and it’s not something that brings me […]

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