Waxtober 12

A curious thing happened with my waxing today… For some reason or another, I took photo after photo and none of them would catch the colour that I saw on the page… On the page was a green Knight, though the camera turned his helmet silver and made him a Knight in shining armour… Knight […]

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Waxtober 11

I looked at today’s Waxing and laughed a little as it appears that the sea theme is still rolling in… I looked at what I see as big waves and to the left, the shape that looks like some kind of seaweed, maybe kelp? swept into motion by the tides… But then I hear music… […]

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Waxtober 10

When I looked at this waxing it reminded me of two of my previous posts – Imaginary Friends where I talk about the Don’t Hurtle Turtle (about a project moving at a very slow place) and Under Isa (about the same project being put on ice for a few years). Over the last few weeks, […]

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Waxtober 9

Today’s waxing reminded me of Waxtober 3 which is kind of ha ha funny to me as Waxtober 3 was about getting rid of old items and associated memories… Though this waxing didn’t feel to be about returning to those old memories, it felt more like a postcard from the sea, to let me know […]

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Waxtober 8

When I looked at today’s waxing, my first thought was – birth of a star. That came to mind in the split second before I looked at the shape on the left and felt like I was stood behind somebody watching this epic event… I remembered a time a few years ago when I was […]

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Waxtober 7

I’m not a God botherer by nature. I much prefer to rely on my own resources… Though occasionally, The Old Gods stop by to speak to me… Today was such a day. I looked down at my waxing and smiled as my brain did a little split-screen type of thing. A dual vision of seeing […]

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Waxtober 6

Oh my! My brain took this image to NSFW places… I’m going to heavily edit out my thoughts and just leave it as saying, I have a stupid grin on my face as I think about the blissed-out sensations that come with skin on skin contact… It reminds me of the way my head fills […]

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Waxtober 5

I looked down at this waxing, a few words ran through my head and I gave a snort of derision – pffft!! Oh, that’s ridiculous! I have no time for this nonsense, this is a binner! Mr S popped his head around the door and asked what I was chuntering about? I held up the […]

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Waxtober 4

Today’s waxing came out mostly purple. In my late teens/early 20’s, pretty much all of my wadrobe was purple. I remember spending a small fortune on a purple suede waistcoat with black leather trim, though I wouldn’t say it was wastrel elegance as it was worn to death, first by me then later by Mr […]

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Waxtober 3

I look at today’s waxing and I smile, I’m not sure whether my thoughts come from the image or from events very recent in mind or maybe a mix of both… The image reminds me of where I was stood 2 weeks ago. I’d driven myself and Mr S a little over 100 miles because […]

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