The Web Never Forgets…

I’m ambivalent about fb memories… Sometimes they pop up and I have no recall of what they refer to, sometimes they bring smiles and then days like today bring posts that make me ask myself – Wtf were you thinking? The post that came up places me at an event several years ago… From the […]

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New Year… Old Patterns…

Today I sat down to doodle and see what image my hand would, bring me for 2021… It doodled out a familiar shape… A chambered nautilus, familiar to me as I’d seen this image last year in mindscape sessions… I wry smiled thinking that 2020 had not left the building… But then I guess the […]

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Summing Up 2020

So what if there’s still a dozen days to go, nothing about 2020 has been normal and having spent the last 9 months in Leicester, aka plague central, I’ve had ample thinking time and I’m not convinced that another week and a half will add much to the mix… I went out driving this morning, […]

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Upon Reflection…

I drew this image a few days ago and it kind of reminded me of something that I couldn’t easily put my finger on… It’s been sat in draft whilst I dip in and out trying to decide what wants to be written… Today, I give it up for dead and oh… A couple of […]

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Jingle Jangle Hells Bells

Last night, someone asked me an innocent and innocuous question and something strange happened… I can’t think of a good way to describe it… For want of a better expression, I’d say my whole body just spazzed out. Both my shoulders launched themselves towards my ears, I just about kept my left hand on the […]

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Detours and Diversions

This morning was one of those mornings where nothing went to plan. The sort of morning that bothers some people but which I strangely enjoy. I like that my daily routine is only semi-routine with lots of room for twists and turns and mini grand adventures. It amuses me how you can go completely off […]

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11/15 What’s He Thinkin’?!!

eStuffstance Super Stocking for LESS All 6 Downloads for $20 bucks $49.32 value Home Together? Around the ZOOMTree? The Holiday fun begins! You can load up your cart at the Shop with eProducts, complete your order, and then have fun shopping for just the right color thumb drive. Drag and drop the eAstro Art Chart(s) […]

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Back to Basics

I thought that this November would finally be the November where I sat down to write that novel… For as long as I can remember, I’ve had people tell me that I should write a book… And currently sat in draft are a few opening sentences and a list of phrases that amuse me. Words […]

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