Nods and Nudges

It’s been an odd week… Day after day of failing to hold on to thoughts… A week of intending to do one thing then straying off into something else, not exactly procrastination as each time the something else is something that needs to be done but my attempts at keeping my intended order of doing things seem strangely thwarted.

Three times this week, I’ve found myself on the listening end of conversations as people have for unknown reasons, decided to tell me at great length how I’ve impacted on their lives in positive ways. Each time I’ve looked quizzical, I’ve been told shhh…listen, you need to hear this… I wondered if it was some rogue astro weather but I drew a blank with that… Maybe I’m overlooking something but there’s nothing I can see to explain these unsolicited ‘testimonials’…

Today I drift off task yet again and find myself laying down runes. I nod off… I wake up and see something that makes me laugh and I say to myself well fuck me backwards. I photograph my cards and laugh again when I realise that the runes correspond to the letters K U F… Yup fuck me backwards! I  see lots of things that I’m too lazy to write down… I’m fascinated by the acorns that appear in two of the cards and the phases on the moons in the background and suddenly it feels very clear, that my current position was sparked 9 years ago and the outcome from that will come 9 years hence… I decide to check my tarot year card for those years and come up with 8 for each one. 888… 3 aetts! A funny joke for a Runester and excroupier and a ha! of oh! Justice! for an old tarot reader… I decide that maybe I don’t need to write up the reading after all and off I nod again… A drifty dream with words floating through that wake me up and tell me to check the date and find what I blogged about one year ago today… For the first time this week, I stay on task and smile as I find this..

Air Traffic Control

It matters not what ye call me, I am Mercurial spirit and when I travel I travel beyond the speed of sound and leave your words floating in my wake… I’ve been known by many names by men and Gods alike… I sweep the skies… I catch dreams lost into the ether and bring them back down to ground…Nudged towards their mortal keepers… I keep the flight paths clear for Gods to move unhindered…

Karen Sealey

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