Detours and Diversions

This morning was one of those mornings where nothing went to plan. The sort of morning that bothers some people but which I strangely enjoy. I like that my daily routine is only semi-routine with lots of room for twists and turns and mini grand adventures. It amuses me how you can go completely off […]

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11/15 What’s He Thinkin’?!!

eStuffstance Super Stocking for LESS All 6 Downloads for $20 bucks $49.32 value Home Together? Around the ZOOMTree? The Holiday fun begins! You can load up your cart at the Shop with eProducts, complete your order, and then have fun shopping for just the right color thumb drive. Drag and drop the eAstro Art Chart(s) […]

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Wasting Time

Often of an evening, I pick up people that I’ve dropped off in the morning and they ask me – Karen, what sort have day have you had? I invariably reply that it’s either been good or great, which then leads to the further question of – Oh, so what did you do? Now some […]

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Inside a broken box

Sunday morning, I woke exhausted from a dream that was strange even by my standards… At some point the dream turned lucid, the me inside the dream taking care to notice and remember the symbols I saw so as not to forget them on waking… The me outside of the dream knew it was time […]

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Waxtober 31

The last day of October and the end of waxtober feels to have arrived very quickly. When I started, I had no idea of what I would write about or indeed if I’d complete my self set task. Today’s waxing seems to punctuate the end of road, the pinks and greens declaring it to have […]

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Waxtober 30

This morning was an early riser… I looked at today’s waxing and felt it pulse… There’s a kind of throbbing about it, pushing out waves of colour… I briefly thought of the Northern Lights but that wasn’t really speaking to me, then my eye was drawn to the right hand side and oh… That kind […]

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Waxtober 29

When I first looked at today’s waxing, I was struck by what looks like an ethereal figure, radiating light… I asked myself the question – Is that some kind of guide? Who is that..? As I held that thought in mind, with my inner vision I could clearly see an image from the Orphaned Oracle… […]

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Waxtober 28

I looked at today’s waxing and felt a big cheesy grin spread across my face… A very big grin, a grin you could say that was big enough to befit a Cheshire Cat… Ah… Wandering in Wonderland again… As this is where my mind went… My thoughts turned back in time to a couple of […]

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