Lammas Tarot Blog Hop and the Magic Number 3

So… this is my first time out as a hopper…

Welcome aboard my train of thought and hopefully I won’t derail…

So… you may have arrived here via Chloe for TABI 

or the Master List

or maybe from here… Morgan Drake Eckstein’s Gleamings from the Golden Dawn

So… the question for consideration:

‘What can I share from my table to enrich my community?’

My first thoughts  were… Well I seem to move around in a  few roles and communities…as I am sure everybody does…

But what is it, that is at the centre of what I do? What is common in all areas of my life… across the full spectrum…? What sits at the hub?

And my thoughts turned to:

How can I simplify my life to look at this? What would a Venn Diagram of my life look like in its most simplified, stylised form?

Circles of Life...
Circles of Life…

And this kind of works for me… if you take the full spectrum of white light… it breaks down into 3 primary colours and when they all meet in balance, then pure light is reformed…

And there are many things in life that can be put into 3s… Mind, Body, Spirit… Past, Present, Future… and so on and so forth… the list is endless…

So… When I am sharing… How do I break that into 3…?

Well often when I am sharing, it is usually by helping someone to understand some kind of information, or breaking down a thinking process to solve a problem… And strangely enough… I have a 3 prong attack on this:

What do you already know? Where have you done something like this before? How can you apply that here?

What do you kind of know? What have you got that you can dust off and polish up to use now?

What areas are completely new to you? What do you need to bring in and learn, to fill those gaps?

So, I start thinking about this and I think… OK… How can I link this back to answer this question I have now, using something I’ve already done that is similar?

And I remember this :

Summer Solstice Spread 21/6/13
Summer Solstice Spread 21/6/13

So… I did this little pattern at the Summer Solstice, to look at how to work over the coming year, to develop things in the best way to fit my own personality… Pretty handy eh? 😀 So… I don’t know how other people lay out year wheels, but I start with the date I am reading as being at 12 O’clock… because it just makes it easier for me to remember when I did it and go back and revisit my thoughts etc… So… From this… If you check out the ray of light that goes NE… I make that Lammas O’clock… and the 9 of Wands out on the rim.. to me…. that seems a pretty good card for Lammas and thoughts of harvest and reaping and sharing and barn dances of celebrations…

So… Let’s have a closer look at that spoke…

Ok… I like this… The Sun… The Magician… The 9 of Wands…

So… there I have 2 of my 3 birthcards and they are heading off to 9 of Wands… so how do I apply this?

What is the route I need to take? How do I get to 9?

Route? Root?
Route? Root?

And we’re back to 3s again… and if you’ll indulge me a bit of tarot maths…

3 x 3

This is what I share to enrich my community – the free flow and exchange of ideas about things that I love and enrich my life and the lives of those around me. I love synergy… I love when 1+1=3… and for me… these cards typify that energy… all those things that spring up when two things come together and another thing magically appears… When the dancer and the music become the performance…

I also like to share a bit of silliness and springboards for thoughts… so instead of me waffling ad nauseum on the joy of 3… spring here for a little sing-a-long with me 😀  Three…. 


if… 1+1 can =3

then… 3+3 can =9

3 of Cups + 3 of Pentacles = 9 of Wands…



Where do I see that Mystereum 9 of Wands alive and kicking in the real world?

Over here…

A structure formed to house the community…

A place built through love and cooperation…

A place to reap harvest and celebrate…

So enjoy the festivities!

and until we meet again…

The exits are here… Chloe for TABI

here…  the Master List

and here… Morgan Drake Eckstein’s Gleamings from the Golden Dawn

28 thoughts on “Lammas Tarot Blog Hop and the Magic Number 3

  1. Well done you, on your first outing! I am loving the idea of Tarot Maths! Well, there is Fashion Maths (where you take the cost of the item and divide it by the number of times worn until the outfit/shoes/handbag costs are, like, NEGLIGIBLE ;-)) I like Tarot Maths, must use it henceforth!

    Ali x


  2. Ooh I love numbers combined with Tarot! Interesting that the cross sum of the three cards taken from the spoke you mentioned equal 21 (The World) whose value further reduced equals…. 3! The number for The Empress. Talk about a labour of love 😀


  3. You’re a DAYum good Tarot Maths Tour Guide. That was fun AND gets the rubber to meet the road on the wheel! Thanks much for putting the Land of Mystereum Tarot through Tarot Maths paces. I appreciate seeing all the ways you have been working it like you are The Cirque du Soleil Master of Ceremonies. Happy Lammas, and don’t break a leg, break some bread!

    Oh, your first time? Pffft. What was you pen name before? 😉


    1. Ah… well… I spent a couple of years teaching adult literacy and numeracy… you have to find ways to trick them into learning and get past all the years they’ve convinced themselves that they can’t do maths…
      My pen name before? Mr H… some people are just born groovy! You of all people should know that… and as for playing with M…. Well, you say Cirque du XIX… I say J & K…

      Happy Lammas! and a pleasure to break bread with you… mo’ betta than wind! 😀 x


  4. Love the image of the barn raising – though why didn’t they finish covering the sides and all the roof?? I am lost on that one 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your first outting and yes, going to have to come back and join Arwen – it’s late and my little fragile brain is puddled… slightly 🙂


  5. Ha, when you started talking about the magic of three, I was sure you’d have a three-card spread up your sleeve. Pleasant surprise to go off in a totally different direction (not that there’s anything wrong with three card spreads, I’m rather partial to them). Now, I’m thinking about the Venn diagram of my life… 🙂


    1. Ha… you should never guess what is up the sleeve of a mathmagician… they are always going off on tangents 😀 Nice to hear you were pleasantly surprised 😀 Happy musings with your Venn Diagram… I was going to abbreviate that… but it just sounds soooooo wrong! 😀


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