Air Traffic Control

This was a relatively pain free birth. A couple of things differentiated this image from the others in the D.O. Firstly, this is the only card where I sacked off the original image and went back to the drawing board. At first glance, the fledgling image seemed to capture the vibe I was looking for, […]

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Oyster Spit

“Jabez” I mentioned this name in my previous post and said I would return. Jabez, a name meaning borne in pain. This image from the D.O. was a dark humoured joke with myself. During fieldtrips with C, I would often find myself sliding into lengthy, often cussed filled Rantras as I clawed at whatever it […]

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Kith and Kin

August 2016 found me on a different kind of fieldtrip. At this point in time, the D.O. had kinda slipped off the rails. C and I, whilst still good friends had seen little of each other in the fields as life had taken twists and turns for both of us…One of the phrases I hear […]

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Blind Sight

This morning my passenger slides into the front seat. I turn and greet her: “Hey! Good Morning! How are you?” “To be fair? Pretty puzzled… I can’t stop thinking about that speeding car yesterday. Where did it come from? I looked down that road and it was completely clear…” “Yeah, that’s a puzzler. I didn’t […]

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Let Sleeping Gods Lie.

This is one of my favourite images in my Discarded Oracle. C, my partner in crime showed me a photograph she’d taken whilst walking (I think in the Lake Districts but I may be wrong). She’d stumbled across an old bath and felt drawn to it. Plant life had grown around it and filled with […]

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The Golden Exhale…

Amongst the images in my Discarded Oracle, this is one of the very few that does have a name. The Golden Exhale Although it has a name, I am unsure as to whether or not this oracle is its permanent home. At this point it’s hard to say. I flick through my cast of cards […]

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What’s in a Web…

Now the Discarded Oracle (working title) has been liberated from my bookshelf, I’ve decided to stroll through one by one and see what comes to mind… Still, I haven’t made my way to retrieve my original notebook from the cupboard all the way yonder over there… At least 3 whole feet away… So if memory […]

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Bunking Off

Yesterday came 7 of Pentacle nudgings followed by photos reappearing that reminded me that 5 years ago, along with a friend, I set off on a series of grand adventures. To a muggle’s eye, it may have looked like a couple of women of a certain age sat in a field… Yet while our bodies […]

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Retrospective Prediction

It seems on odd time to be writing this but hey ho, here I am…  The last few years, it’s been my habit during the 12 days of Christmas to ask for  omens for the year ahead. I don’t use tools or pull cards… I start the day with a few minutes silence, set the […]

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Spinning Coins

I’ve never been very mindful of money and it’s often slipped through my fingers to the sigh of oh well… Easy come… Easy go… I’ve never been affluent but always I’ve managed to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Currently it’s not so easy to be so blasĂ© about currency. […]

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