Let Sleeping Gods Lie.


This is one of my favourite images in my Discarded Oracle. C, my partner in crime showed me a photograph she’d taken whilst walking (I think in the Lake Districts but I may be wrong). She’d stumbled across an old bath and felt drawn to it. Plant life had grown around it and filled with water, it took on the guise of a magical well. Or was it a well? Was it a mirror? Was it a portal?

I stored the conversation in my mind and later turned to encaustic waxing lyrical to birth The Sea King. I just realised his name this morning!

Before knowing his name, much advice was given…

This card should be approached with extreme caution…

When you step into this card, you are stirring the old Gods… This is not for the feint hearted. Neither frivolity nor casual nosiness are welcome here. Before you ask a question, you should be sure that you’ve already tried your best to answer it on your own. Check the Internet, consult a friend, meditate, exhaust all avenues before you knock here. And if you feel that you must knock then make sure you ask the right question…

Old Gods are weary… They like to rest their old bones… They’ve been neglected and left to their own devices for years so if you drag your mundane modern matters into their domain, you may well find yourself dashed upon the rocks…

So how do you approach?

Well you need to either be blessed with a very pure heart… Or you need a well anchored, warts and all, awareness of Self.

This Well is both portal and mirror…

If allowed passage through the portal be assured that there is a long journey ahead. Your mettle will be tested. 

Approaching the mirror? Then be aware that you’re about to be stripped down to your raw nakedness and your flaws will be lit with the harshness of the worst kind of changing room lights that magnify your form.

If you metaphorically ask if your bum looks big then you’ll be told of course your bum looks big, you ate too many cakes!

If you have the temerity to blame the mirror – Hey! You’ve made me look bad!


Now you’ve done it! Those kind of projections just don’t stick here, they’ll be bounced right back. Throw these tantrums around and you will not crack the mirror but you may explode your mind…

TLDR: Seeking the Sea King? Think twice!

And then some more…

In fact, it’s probably best to wait until invited. This card may be borderless but it still has boundaries. 



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