Musings on Mystereum Strength… Part 3…

Often when these cards come up in readings, people will say to me ‘Oh Look! She’s going with the flow…’

And I say – Really?? Is that what you see? And I strangle down the urge to scream,as those words ‘going with the flow’ grate on me like nails being dragged down a chalkboard…

Why do those words annoy me so much?

Because I’ve heard them too many times… some sort of dippy hippy mantra, churned out and chanted… which always feels to me to be a lame ass excuse for not taking actions, responsibility or accountability for choices that have been made…

Or then there’s the way it gets milked by some… you know those types who ask for favours from people who don’t like to go against the flow, because they know they won’t say ‘no’ however unreasonable their requests are… Artists, Musicians, Holistic Therapists, Tarot Readers all attract a lot of milkers… I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had phone calls along the lines of – Will you come and work for free at my event, it will be excellent exposure for your business…

Really, how so?

Oh… well, the more you promote it to your followers, the more people will come and you will get more business.

What??? You want me to work for free and promote your event and bring my clients, who come to me anyway and pay me… Sorry… How exactly is that good exposure for my business?

Ok… I’ll rein this in, as I seem to have gone on off on a bit of a mad ramble… Ha!! How’s that for going with the flow? 😀

BUT… I see a big difference between ‘going with the flow’ and ‘being in the flow’

Going with the flow or Being in the flow... Your choice?
Going with the flow or Being in the flow… Your choice?

See… I look at that card from the Osho Zen tarot – Going with the flow… and I’m not even sure if that person is dead or alive… just that that body will wash up somewhere eventually, or maybe wind up as fish food…

When I look at Strength in 4 & 6 of Cups… There’s nothing wishy washy about her. I  imagine her feet are firmly planted on the river bed and there is no danger of her being swept away. I see a calm watchfulness to her and an awareness of her surroundings, carefully weighing up each option as it arises. I’m sure she’d go in the direction of the current if that was what she wanted, but I’m guessing she’d probably swim rather then float. I’m also guessing she’d swim against the tide to get what she wants…

I find it hard to imagine her passively floating like the Osho corpse… In fact now I look  at him again, is he on or under the water? Waving or drowning? And I’m wondering if he’s just bumped his head… Though I can imagine Strength laying like that but I see her out of the water and basking in the sun on that beach to the right, gathering her thoughts before she decides on the best time to go swimming and in which direction… I’m guessing upstream… Resistance training builds a strong core… And have you seen her abs? 😀

9 thoughts on “Musings on Mystereum Strength… Part 3…

  1. With you on the “going with the flow.” In fact I rockin’ love it! I like to say it like this… Be fluid, though don’t go with the flow. New life and strong muscles come from swimming upstream. Salmon. Sperm. New life comes from swimming upstream. Don’t go with the flow. Be fluid with serendipity and intent. Heck if you are on a surf board or skis in a river and turn around up into the current and kick-push right, you will pop up above the water and it will rise up to support your every step as you ski or surf “up” the river.


    1. Well, I’m pretty certain that picture wouldn’t have come into existence without your blog 😉 and I love your exposure response, I’m guessing that I will steal that at some point… lol


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