Discarded Oracle – the family album

23 thoughts on “Discarded Oracle – the family album

  1. 5 years in the primordial, formless soup of the chrysalis as it formed its way back to you when it was time. I love that. Some things aren’t;t subject to get ‘er done deadlines, until they’re get ‘er done time to be born arrives. This is an exquisite process to experience.

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    1. I had 2 copies of the deck printed. One I found quite easily though not where I would have expected… The other, I’ve been hunting for a fortnight, given up for dead, then of course put my hand straight to it. It has notes scrawled on it, divined runes, possible card titles. Stashed away with it was a wodge of paper. I unfold to see page full of runes written in red with lines and numbers all over the place… I sit looking at it, wondering what I must have been thinking… It’s in red so magic would have been afoot… What was conjured? I can’t crack the code… Now I’ve just turned to the second page and oh… That explains all! Somehow or another, I froze the deck under Isa.
      It’s a removal of extraneous thoughts to get back to focused Self… A freezing to kill off the bugs… Given the last card I drew was Shelved with the golden seed… I guess I sentenced the deck to a long hard winter to see if it was strong enough to return in the spring…
      Today also, I found 2 complete sets of my image files. I thought they were gone for good after a laptop crashed…

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      1. Indeed! Also hilarious that I’d stored one set in a secret file titled ‘Travels With My Shrink’. I opened it not having a clue, and wondering wtf is that? Oh! OH! Ho ho ho! 😂

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