Discarded Oracle

And so I come to the final card in the D.O. Yesterday, I looked at the image and took in the shadows of the Norns looking over the newborn baby… I thought about how this card was a very obvious extension of ‘What’s In A Web…’ The image where the 3 Norns stand looking at […]

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Memory Swell

Faced with the 22 cards of the D.O. and deciding to start the process of some kind of write up, I wasn’t clear on which order to go. I figured, so what? It’s a divination tool so just pull… that worked well up to a point then at some point, the cards seemed to naturally […]

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This morning I wake up with this image in my mind alongside memories of last night’s minibus ride and it makes me smile a lot… Let’s talk about the image first, I’ll ramble about the ride later… So! Yggdrasil… The Norse version of the tree of life… The way into the 9 Worlds. This version […]

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What’s in a Web…

Now the Discarded Oracle (working title) has been liberated from my bookshelf, I’ve decided to stroll through one by one and see what comes to mind… Still, I haven’t made my way to retrieve my original notebook from the cupboard all the way yonder over there… At least 3 whole feet away… So if memory […]

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