Teaching Crow

I refound this image this afternoon, I’m not sure of the exact date that I drew it other than it came in somewhere in the midst of creating images for the D.O. I rememeber wondering if it belonged with the other drawings, I pondered for a while then decided against it. It felt to come from a similar place but not the same place. This came via a dream… A very vivid dream. In short, this dream felt to be in a place that I had visited often but only in dreams…. A place where I would sit in a small clearing in a wood and wait and then a crow would swoop down and land upon my neck. I would walk with the crow and people would marvel at how I had managed to train this creature to accompany me. They would ask me my secret, my trick of gaining the crow’s obedience… I would never answer them, I would smile and continue to walk… I had taught the crow nothing, the crow was teaching me… as I walked, he would whisper magic into my ear…

This morning I woke bolt upright at 2.30am. Words in my ear… You must start tomorrow… Start tomorrow, work everyday and by your birthday you will be well on your way, one piece of the puzzle will be done…

I wondered what would be done… I sat and images came to mind… A started and forgotten project… I’ve lost the original files but found copies stashed in my blog media…

Ah… Ok… the rune deck, I started but never finished… I checked the date… Interesting… If I start tomorrow at one a day then 24 days later the deck will be finished on my birthday… Ok, so I’m making a rune deck?

The voices came back… yes and no… Start from scratch!

Yes and no?

Secret words were spoken… instructing me how to structure an 81 card deck and also flooding in details as to put together the dice project I’ve been sitting on since last October… Then the words – That’ll keep you busy for a good while! It’s been nice to speak to you again!

Again? Who are you?

You’ll find out later today…

What are you doing here?

You called me…


When you changed your domain and decided to claim your name…

4.30 in the am, that made little sense… 4.30 in the pm… Well, it looks like I have lots of work to do…

13 thoughts on “Teaching Crow

    1. When I set up my name 9 years ago, it was to fly under the radar of someone who threatened me with – if you walk out of here, you’ll never work in Leicester again. Ironically, I change my blog address to karensealey.com and since writing this and within 24hrs of owning my name, I get hit with some next level BS…


      1. Other people’s actions are not my responsibility, I don’t need to dial into that. I’ll dial into my own actions and up my own game and focus on the things I can make a difference to.


      1. I’m not following. You seem distraught. “The audacity to be born’ ??? That’s rather large and darts I say, melodramatic? No judgment, though what could have set you sideways in such a large way to reel out your whole life in a statement like that? I don’t have any specifics here other than general support for you. I feel your pain, though I feel blind to any perspective as to what’s causing it. Can you not enlighten me? Maybe this isn’t the forum for it? Email better?

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