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Saturday evening, out walking with Mr S, we came to a lopsided cross-roads. He wanted to go off to the left… I turned my nose up at the idea as it looked like a dead-end… Oh you do what you want he said, I’m going that way. I pottered around at the cross-roads thinking all […]

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Irreverent Things

I was reading Jordan Hoggard’s blog earlier and paused over a question he posed… Mr S was sat next to me. I said to him – Would you say I have any irreverent habits? He guffawed PAH! ALL of your habits are irreverent! Oh? Like what? I said… He starts to go through a long […]

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Background Noise

I hear a lot about the evils of Television… But I like TV and call me antagonistic or provocative or whatever (trust me I’ve been called worse) but maybe if you don’t like TV then you’re using it the wrong way. I like TV. I like the background noise that muffles out the sounds that […]

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New Cards, Old Ways

Way back in February, I happened across a pre-sale notification for The Magical Nordic Tarot by Jayne Wallace. I ordered it as a gift to myself and yesterday on my Birthday, it landed on my doorstep. It seemed a good idea to indulge in a birthday reading… I spent most of the day on and […]

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Slipping Away

PREVIOUS | MASTER LIST | NEXT Oh my… let me just flex my old joints… It’s been a long time since I last hopped! Ok… let’s go! I guess hopping is a good way to mark the equinox and better for my waistine than celebrating my Birthday by eating my own bodyweight in chocolate cake… I’m not sure we’re […]

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What Dads Do

This morning, Ke gawped at me, jaw hanging, eyes wide in disbelief. She let out long sigh – Wow Karen, you’ve certainly got someone looking over you. Your guardian angels sure know when to turn up… I’d just explained why I was out of character late arriving and why I was in the Battle Bus […]

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Lucid Intuition

Lucid Intuition… Those are the two words that fell from the sky waking me from idle sun basking daydreams… Lucid Intuition… Plopping like two drops of ink into water… Swirling and spreading to bring further the acronym S. A. E. L. I. G. That was just over four years ago, it captured my imagination for […]

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From D. O. to OO

It’s funny how memories change… It’s funny how memories differ… It’s funny how lost notebooks resurface… The D. O. didn’t start off as the D. O. There’s been a long list of names proposed and discarded since co-conception. Though the solid working title which reflected the original aim of the project was Ferrytales – tales […]

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Karen’s Tarot Diaries

It’s nice when a fond memory returns… I wrote this after a lovely reading two years ago… An interesting reading today…After a session, my client asked if it was ok to just ask one more quick question, then she paused and said oh but I don’t think the cards will connect to passed ones will […]

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D. O. Dusting Off

It feels like so long ago that the D. O. was started that I kind of forget that I ever made the images… It’s strange how at the time you feel so immersed by them but then over time you see them with new eyes as though they’ve been drawn by someone else. At time […]

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