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Saturday evening, out walking with Mr S, we came to a lopsided cross-roads. He wanted to go off to the left… I turned my nose up at the idea as it looked like a dead-end… Oh you do what you want he said, I’m going that way. I pottered around at the cross-roads thinking all of the other directions looked much of a muchness, so I decided to stay put and wait for his Lordship to return. He was back pretty quickly with a big grin on his face… Oh, you’ve gotta take a look down here, it’s a weird old place, there’s a pond like something from a horror film and a pheasant just came out and stood by my side…

Oh OK, let’s see this pheasant… I walked down and stood by the pond…

Yes, it was easy to imagine something crawling out from the depths… The pheasant loitered off to the left, in and out of the undergrowth, annoyingly not coming fully out on to the path like before… Walking further along the path, it started to feel like time was grinding to a halt… A profound peacefulness drifting in… I’d never been in that spot before but somehow it felt strangely familiar… I stood and looked around and it dawned on me. The other week, I went for a mindscape session… Now scattered all around me were snippets of that landscape and living embodiments of follow on thoughts I had had about symbols I’d seen…

I thought back to the session and the aim that I had that day… I smiled as I remembered my keyphrase… I brought my attention back into the present, felt the ground beneath my feet and plugged into the sense of serenity that I felt… I smiled… Was it my imagination or did my brain just light up? I wonder if you can feel neural pathways forming? I don’t know? I did get a sense of things starting to link up… Of connections being made… Something somewhere coming to life… Then I saw the inside of my mind, outside on the wall… How funny…

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