Teaching Crow

I refound this image this afternoon, I’m not sure of the exact date that I drew it other than it came in somewhere in the midst of creating images for the D.O. I rememeber wondering if it belonged with the other drawings, I pondered for a while then decided against it. It felt to come […]

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Keine Ahnung

I’m not one to jump on bandwagons but hey in the madness that is #mockdown, maybe this one is just too good to miss… There’s a hilarious in all the wrong ways trend that keeps crossing my path. I’m not entirely sure why it’s happening but I guess somebody out there started a rumour that […]

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Negative Solutions

Every so often, Mr S commandeers my car. It’s not a bad thing, he dumps me at work first and then I’m left with a walk home. It’s a walk I enjoy. It’s downhill all the way and more often than not, on the days it happens I’m usually rolling something around my head and […]

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Slow Magick

It was not that I didn’t want to face the day but more that I wanted to drift in and out of half slumber for a while longer, that made it hard for me to leave my bed this morning… Arriving at work, it seemed I was not alone in my mood… Everyone had struggled […]

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My 30th Alumni Anniversary

What was that gentle plomping sound on my doormat? Ah… Yes… It’s my annual reminder that I’m a serial underachiever who still hasn’t managed to find a real job. I went into Uni having zero idea what I wanted to be if/when I should eventually grow up. I came out of Uni having even less […]

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Piecing together…

The write up for the D. O has been 95% complete for the last few weeks… In theory, it should have been no more than a couple, of hours work left but for some reason although thoughts gathered and came together, they refused to roll to page… Something is missing… What am I missing… Something […]

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Everyone’s a winner!

Forget what I said this morning. By this evening, the whole world of exam results has been put to right! Now this morning, the official line was that an algorithm had been used to standardise results across the country so an A* from one school equated an A* from another. Hmm… Makes sense… The algorithm […]

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