Grannies & Eggs

I came across this weeks ago and I’m just randomly finding myself still laughing at it… I guess it just has always amused me when self appointed experts don’t realise they’re in the same room as actual experts… I’ve not trawled the rest of the thread but I’m guessing Stephen King was classy enough to […]

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Does He Exist?

One of the things or is it two of the things? Hmmm… Let’s go with something. Something I’ve noticed during lockdown is that people use phones less and ask questions more. I guess phones are pretty dull when everybody’s plans for the weekend are ‘staying in’. That’s not a lot of planning going on and […]

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Female not Foe

OK, let’s be honest, I’m not proud of myself, but… Well we all have our odd habits and one of my borderline perversions is paddling in the sewers of the Internet. Yes. I know I’m educated! I should be spending my time better elsewhere but… As vices go, it’s not a terrible one… Anyway, I […]

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A Silence Not Golden

Today, I feel proper sad… I sit in Sheffield, outside student halls waiting for number 2 to collect the rest of her belongings. I’d managed to bring her home hours before lockdown began. I’d asked her if she’d gotten everything and she said she had. By everything, she thought I meant all that she’d need […]

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Whittling a Way

“verb (used without object), whit·tled, whit·tling. to whittle wood or the like with a knife, as in shaping something or as a mere aimless diversion:to spend an afternoon whittling. to tire oneself or another by worrying or fussing.” They say the Devil makes work for idle hands… I’d say the Norns make sure hands are never idle… […]

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On the cards

As someone who drives for a living, I must confess that the onset of lockdown filled me with glee. My initial thoughts were of working early Christmas mornings… The best time to be on the road… Not a soul around… No school run traffic, no commuters… This was going to be Christmas but with better […]

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Tuning My Station

Since returning to working on the D.O. my habitat has somewhat spiralled into more chaos than usual… I’ve made a few attempts to rein it in and fake some kind of order… Or enough neatness to escape being labelled as a TV level hoarder… But it’s not easy… The house is always busy and mostly […]

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