Tuning My Station

Since returning to working on the D.O. my habitat has somewhat spiralled into more chaos than usual… I’ve made a few attempts to rein it in and fake some kind of order… Or enough neatness to escape being labelled as a TV level hoarder… But it’s not easy… The house is always busy and mostly if I set up my desk, it’s bang in the middle of the busiest flight path through the house. Setting up in the epicenter is probably a bit bonkers but there’s distinct plus points… It deters teens from descending into the kitchen like biblical locusts… Which in turn means I have to shop less… Also, I’m prone to losing track of time, so if I’m sat in the hub, then eventually someone will tell me to move and pack up, which is handy for all kinds of reasons.

Often, I avoid using the desk altogether and flick between phone and tablet as that allows me to disappear into a tiny bubble oblivious to the comings and goings around me… Deaf to the world, yet somehow easily able to jump straight back into it and the day to day stuff.

A few days ago, it occurred to me, that in order to complete the D. O. to a sign off, then I’d have no choice but to use the laptop… Which means the desk will have to come out and most likely stay out for a good while… I’m at a point where I kind of know where I want to take the D. O. though I’m guessing I’m lacking a few of the skills that will be needed and so I’m going to have to hack a self-education.

The urge to clear and clean swelled until yesterday, then the deed was done. Work station in place, out of the main drag and somehow creating more room for people to pass me by without interrupting me. In the process of shifting things around, I found all manner of stashed away notes and scribblings… I surprised myself with how much of it was relevant to the D. O. I thought I’d been idle for a long time but apparently there’s been under the radar homework going on…

This morning the post came! I knew instantly what was in the big white envelope. Freyr! The Hog God! Some weeks ago, I saw that the wonderfully hyper-talented Emily Carding was taking commissions for art work. I sent an inquiry, not knowing exactly what it was that I wanted other than something with a Norse vibe…

I left it with her and somewhat forgot about it. On possibly a Sunday afternoon, I’d been writing about the D. O. and in turn thinking of pigs and that maybe with the family pig connections, I should get my sketchpad out and land Freyr. As I thought about this, I got a message from Emily sending me a gallery of images and asking if maybe there was one in there that I wanted… Ah! Yes! Yes there is! She told me that she didn’t know when she’d be able to send it and I told her not to worry as I was sure that whenever it arrived would be exactly the right day…

Today was the day… Annoyingly, (and IMHO completely incorrectly) picture frames are not considered to be essential items… So Freyr remains in envelope until I can attire him formally. However, I knew immediately, exactly where he would be living. He’ll be standing guard over my desk and holding me to task.

I sat at my desk, casting my eye over him and landing on the rune, I decided to open up one of my refound notebooks…

For some reason, the Inguz rune appears in my mind like an 8 sided dice and so I’d kind of lost sight of Ing being another name of Freyr…

My notebook reads:

What rune energy do I need to work with at present?


The seed!!!




The God Ing. Process, space:- Rune of isolation or separation in order to create a space or place where the process of transformation into higher states of being can occur.

I smiled to myself… Oh, Freyr must really be digging lockdown… I smiled even more… Yes, post does always arrive on exactly the right day 😁

2 thoughts on “Tuning My Station

  1. Big Robust Abrazos Smiles at this Post and your process from start to finish, as you start to finish the D.O. Serendipity post. Yes, the post DOES always arrive on just the right day, just like cards turn up in just the right way.

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