Waxtober 7

I’m not a God botherer by nature. I much prefer to rely on my own resources… Though occasionally, The Old Gods stop by to speak to me… Today was such a day. I looked down at my waxing and smiled as my brain did a little split-screen type of thing. A dual vision of seeing […]

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Teaching Crow

I refound this image this afternoon, I’m not sure of the exact date that I drew it other than it came in somewhere in the midst of creating images for the D.O. I rememeber wondering if it belonged with the other drawings, I pondered for a while then decided against it. It felt to come […]

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Under Isa…

Just before I put the D. O. to sleep, I cast a set of runes for each image… Scattered seeds for stories to be written should I ever decide to go back and unearth the bastard child… Yesterday I sat all day at my desk… I’d pulled the card for the day and jotted down […]

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Mindscape Reflections

Oh flippin’ ‘eck! What’s going on with WordPress? I’ve just logged in via laptop this morning to find that I’ve got to learn how to use it all over again. On an average day I’d probably be a bit more frustrated than I’m feeling now… Now, I’m feeling amused as it feels like a punchline […]

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Whittling a Way

“verb (used without object), whit·tled, whit·tling. to whittle wood or the like with a knife, as in shaping something or as a mere aimless diversion:to spend an afternoon whittling. to tire oneself or another by worrying or fussing.” They say the Devil makes work for idle hands… I’d say the Norns make sure hands are never idle… […]

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Tuning My Station

Since returning to working on the D.O. my habitat has somewhat spiralled into more chaos than usual… I’ve made a few attempts to rein it in and fake some kind of order… Or enough neatness to escape being labelled as a TV level hoarder… But it’s not easy… The house is always busy and mostly […]

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Burning Beau

This image in the D.O. formed part of a trio that came through together in a single journey. Burning Beau, was accompanied by Flying Kites (most likely my next post) and Dear Heart (as met in previous post). In many ways Burning Beau felt to be a counterpart to Dear Heart. His image forged through […]

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Timing is Everything 

Artistically, this image from the D.O. is not my favourite, but looks aren’t everything and this card earned it’s place in other ways. This strange image came after a journey with C and a conversation piecing together the visions we had seen. Four maidens sat in a behind the scenes room, around a table like […]

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Dead and Unburied…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop, wrangled by Louise Underhill who set the following topic: The Pagan New Year / Festival of the Dead is highly popular & at this time of the year, we think about those that have passed. We’ve interviewed our ghosts, even had a few of them over […]

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