Waxtober 7

I’m not a God botherer by nature. I much prefer to rely on my own resources… Though occasionally, The Old Gods stop by to speak to me… Today was such a day. I looked down at my waxing and smiled as my brain did a little split-screen type of thing. A dual vision of seeing Thor in the wax, alongside seeing in my mind’s eye, the words In Odin’s Honour.

I thought it a little odd – Why the 2 names? As I asked myself that question, a 2 position spread came to mind, with the thought to use 2 decks and place 2 cards in each position.

The title, possibly a little clunky but hey ho – In Odin’s Honour, Thor’s Hammer.

The positions:

1. What power is mine to wield?

2. Where should this power be directed?

The reading? Well, that’s between me and The Old Gods…

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