Burning Beau

This image in the D.O. formed part of a trio that came through together in a single journey. Burning Beau, was accompanied by Flying Kites (most likely my next post) and Dear Heart (as met in previous post).

In many ways Burning Beau felt to be a counterpart to Dear Heart. His image forged through fiery heat and melted wax, her’s flowed through watercolour… Her waiting, him roaming… His driving rhythm a counterpoint to her song. Burning Beau a hero returns.

Affectionately and privately my pet name for him is Sag Rising. It may or may not be now visible in the image but on his belt, a buckle carrying the Sagittarius constellation. It amuses me that his jubliant stance reminds me of how it felt to go from birth time unknown to diagnosis of Sag Asc and the air punch I gave as suddenly Astrology, the clock that had always failed to click for me, tick tocked into life and made sense of my ‘anomalies’.

But back to this Archer, with crossbow rather than longbow…

Above him, 3 runes. At the time unschooled, I saw them as a signpost, Harry Potter’s scar and a pathogen. That seemed quite ridiculous at the time but 5 years on as the world’s direction is being pointed out by the seeking of magical cures for Covid-19, I wonder if it was a premonition?

Looking at the runes now with new learnings:

Nauthiz – the need fire. When I first came across this rune name as being ‘need’, I thought about it from a position of poverty… Further thought and it becomes ‘What is needed now?’ This translates in my mind into resourcefulness, necessity is the mother of invention… Adaptability… How can I rub my twigs together to get this fire started?

Sowilo – Sigil… Sun… Success… How am I branded? How do I shine?

Othala – this is oft referred to as the homeland but digging back into word origins, takes us to the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Aethling’, meaning ‘prince’ or ‘noble’. Returning to the homeland… A return to your spiritual nobility?

Which is all probably a long winded way of saying what James Lane Allen said succinctly:

Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.”

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Burning Beau

  1. What do I think? I think I love it! And, love the evolution story from the savante at birth to much more resonantly conscious about it, though not modifying a thing about it, just the experience it provides over time.

    And, the crossbow rather than longbow. I’ll say, as a Sag with Cap Moon and ASC, the crossbow is mucho easier to use from a moving horse, especially more so when one IS half-ways THE moving horse.

    Excellentato. I love it!

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    1. Mr S is Cap and as his expansive guitar collection will testify, he sure has a thing for strings. Sea Goats pretend it’s all about work ethics and ergonomics but I strongly suspect it’s really about a Q of P appreciation for high quality materials…

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      1. That’s a wonderfully astute insight with the Q of P’s appreciation for high quality materials being an internal driver, an impetus of Cap. Good call! I like that a lot. The strings do nothing until… oh MY when Caps resonate you see how NOT stuffy they really are. Like Voltaire level humor.

        Someone said to Voltaire, “Life is hard.”
        He chortled and snorted, “Compared to what?” 🙂

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      2. Mr S made me laugh the other day. I can’t remember the conversation prior to me laughing and saying – Oh! That’s going on your headstone!
        He started laughing – Hmmm, I thought it was going to be much worse than this. Yeah, do it! That’s a good one! “Death, I thought it would be much worse.” 🤣

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