Grannies & Eggs

I came across this weeks ago and I’m just randomly finding myself still laughing at it…

I guess it just has always amused me when self appointed experts don’t realise they’re in the same room as actual experts…

I’ve not trawled the rest of the thread but I’m guessing Stephen King was classy enough to not flounce and ask “Don’t you know who I am?”

“Don’t you know who I am?” That’s always a classic! Something I especially enjoyed in old casino days…

20+ years on and I still laugh with old croupier pals about a 3rd rate Musician who somehow managed to strike his 15 minutes of fame and tried to squeeze the most out of it by parading himself waiting to be recognised… I’m assuming he never made that much money as he never put any across the table… But maybe the strutting rather than the gambling was his sole game… I don’t know… I’m not a mind reader and we never had a conversation.

Thing is, if you’re going to ask that question then you’d better hope you’re not a dick… But then I guess this is a Shrodinger’s Twat scenario because as soon as you do ask that question, you’ve exposed yourself fully as a first class plonker…

The 3rd rate musician pulled the stunt on a very tired receptionist… Who flatly told him “No, show your ID or leave”. He went further and pushed her until she voiced over the tannoy “There’s a man on reception who doesn’t know who he is… Is his carer here?”

Then you get the famous by proxy finger clickers… I recall a pushy man demanding to jump the queue… “Serve me now!”

“Pardon? Serve me now, what?”

“Serve me now. Don’t you know who I am?”

“No and no…”

“But I’m (insert name of famous football player)’s brother-in-law”.

“Oh! OK… Wait your turn, I don’t know who he is either…”

I think I just find it generally funny when people assume knowledge or they assume what other people’s knowledge is… Or they assume other people’s views, experiences, attitudes, mindset, etc. etc.

Yesterday, I’m in the car with two anti-science people talking behind me… I’m a Science head, that was my formal education and so my ears always prick up at any mention of science…

The conversation babbled on and became more and more apparent that between the two of them, there had been no study of Science further than skimming conspiracy theories and believing Facebook memes…

I let them talk..

It went into the evils of big pharma and then I had to stiffle laughter as they went into antivaxer mode… It’s all poison except for the ones you need to take to travel to foreign countries… Ah OK, you’re not going to comply unless you want to fly… You could lie and fly… You gotta love flexi principles… But hmmm… I stayed silent. It wasn’t my conversation and nobody asked my opinion…

It went on to childbirth and I quietly shook my head… Demonising medicine… All medicine, as though it’s a black and white issue…

“What do you think Karen?”

(OK, now admittedly, I am kind of biased about this, what with being both a product of a Caesarian birth and Rhesus negative.)

“Oh, yeah, absolutely, remove all medicine from childbirth. Let’s get back to the good old days…”

“Exactly! The good old days!”

“Oh yes… Those were the days. The days when there were needless numbers of women and babies dying… Yes, let’s bring that back and clear out the shallow end of the gene pool. The world is way overpopulated anyway…”

Silence… Followed by a gulp…

“Errr… OK Karen… I guess that’s one way of looking at it…”

“I guess… I guess you didn’t expect that from a hippy?”

I hear another voice very quietly mumbling… Hmmm… She’s in a weird mood today…

“Hey Karen? How are you feeling today?”

“Good! Very good, never better 😁”

I see puzzled faces in the rear view mirror… I smile at them and think to myself… Thoughts and feelings… Feelings and thoughts… There is a difference…

Opinions and facts… Don’t get me started! I’m keeping schtum on that one…

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