Who do Voodoo…

I guess most people would find it strange or bizarre or slightly worrying… I found it interesting in that bored sigh kind of way that a lifetime of living through oddness and oddities tends to bestow upon you… Other people’s weird is my daily norm. Mr S called to me “Hey, there’s a parcel here […]

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Old Flames

I have 2 memories of my grandmother. She died when I was just a few months past 2 years old. I say 2 memories, though I think one of them is probably pieced together from an old photo and family tale… In either case, there’s never a face. Whenever I recollect, she is a presence […]

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Dynamite Pairings

Let’s keep this short & sweet. I happened to stumble across Christiana C. Gaudet doing a fb live. A two card spread – one card for the tools available to you and the other for your team. I tossed the T’n’T over to the D. O. and it makes me smile. That’s it! T’n’T… S&S […]

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It Breathes…

A couple of days ago, I received a request from an old friend, I’ve not heard of for a long time… I won’t divulge details other than to say this O. F. wondered if my cards would be able to help shed light… With I think maybe 1 exception, I’ve not done personal readings for […]

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J. O. B.

People say ‘job’ like it’s a dirty word. Career is deemed acceptable but job… Oh, well that demonstrates a lack of ambition/aspiration… Or even a selling out… A whoring of your soul… People say a lot of things and people who say such things are on the whole dicks… Around 2 years ago, I decided […]

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Discarded Oracle

And so I come to the final card in the D.O. Yesterday, I looked at the image and took in the shadows of the Norns looking over the newborn baby… I thought about how this card was a very obvious extension of ‘What’s In A Web…’ The image where the 3 Norns stand looking at […]

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This penultimate unveiling of D.O. images, is of the card that was last to be drawn… Or should that be draaaaaaaaaawn… It came at a much later date and at a point a good while after I had resigned myself to accepting this whole thing as an abandoned project. Typically, if I have something to […]

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