My Funny Friend Mrs Fault

Sometimes life throws you a very pleasant surprise. A gift so good, it would be rude not to share. A few years ago, I met a medium as we were booked to work at the same girl’s night. We instantly hit it off and the gig finished around 11pm… 3am and we were still stood […]

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The D. O. Must Die

There comes a day in a Mother’s life when she looks at her child and sees the full power of the beautiful soul that she brought into the world… Where a mother’s heart almost bursts with pride and her eyes brim with tears and a smile spreads across a face as she looks at her […]

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Almost Deceased Oracle…

I’ve recently been questioned as to the origin of the Discarded Oracle… It’s an interesting question as how do we truly define the beginning of any story… Sure we think we know a date we thought we started but then how did we arrive at that date? What happened before then that lead you to […]

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