The D. O. Must Die

There comes a day in a Mother’s life when she looks at her child and sees the full power of the beautiful soul that she brought into the world… Where a mother’s heart almost bursts with pride and her eyes brim with tears and a smile spreads across a face as she looks at her baby turned full glory and the mother thinks to herself – Child! You fucking rock!

With my daughter, that day came for me when she came raging into the room and kicked the living shit out of a canvas! She’d spent hours of painstaking meticulous work but she looked at it and decided it had to die because it did not please her eye nor her soul! BAM! Then off she went to get a new canvas for a new birth… She was no longer my baby nor my little girl, she’d become an Artist! I saw her soul.

Yesterday, it became apparent to me that the D. O. so close to being born is not the child I want to put my name to… So I’m sentencing it to death…

D. O. I love you but I love my artistic integrity more… And yesterday I remembered who I am and the story I want to tell…

The story that aligns with my soul…

A new chapter begins…

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