My Funny Friend Mrs Fault

Sometimes life throws you a very pleasant surprise. A gift so good, it would be rude not to share.

A few years ago, I met a medium as we were booked to work at the same girl’s night. We instantly hit it off and the gig finished around 11pm… 3am and we were still stood laughing and chatting by our cars before we headed off in different directions. We kept in touch and we speak most days, we hook up for gigs together now then and always have some kind of hilarious adventure.

A few weeks ago, she messaged me – Karen? How much would you charge me to be my ghostwriter?

Seriously?! I haven’t a clue! I’m not a ghost writer but it would be fun to ghost write for medium! She’s a very good medium, not one of those terrible clairfraudulent types who says you know an old person who stopped breathing just before they died… I said to her what’s it about? Crazy clients?

No… Mental health services! I’ve had over 2 years of hell with being passed around the system… I need to vent!

But, I don’t know about professional psychology?

Oh! Don’t worry about that! I found out half my therapists weren’t even qualified!

Oh… Hmm… Tell you what… How about you just record a few voice notes and ideas and let’s see what you’ve got…

A few days ago, she sent me this…

Let me introduce you to Mrs Fault – Unqualified Therapist… Come on! Give it up! Let’s have a big round of applause for this star in the making!

That’s one take off the top of her head! Is that bloody brilliant or what?

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