Karen’s Tarot Diaries

4th September 2018

It’s nice when a fond memory returns… I wrote this after a lovely reading two years ago…

An interesting reading today…
After a session, my client asked if it was ok to just ask one more quick question, then she paused and said oh but I don’t think the cards will connect to passed ones will they?
I said ask your question, pull some cards and find out…
She asked if her late husband was ok and happy with the choices she is making…
I saw a resounding yes…
She saw the message that she had previously been given by a psychic medium – He sits in a chair in a well kept garden full of orange and yellow flowers and he hands a yellow flower to you…
This was a lovely note to finish on.
I think so often people can get caught up in labelling types of readings and dismiss the idea of tarot because it does ABC and not XYZ… whereas if you drop the jargon and allow things to happen, then the right message appears to answer the question, no matter what tools are used or not used…

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