Lucid Intuition

From the partially completed Saelig Oracle

Lucid Intuition… Those are the two words that fell from the sky waking me from idle sun basking daydreams… Lucid Intuition… Plopping like two drops of ink into water… Swirling and spreading to bring further the acronym S. A. E. L. I. G.

That was just over four years ago, it captured my imagination for a while then I guess thoughts are like tides… What was lapping at my toes disappeared towards a far off horizon… Until several days ago…then the tide turned and memories started to float back… Flotsam and jetsam arriving in dribs and drabs…

First I remembered the two initial words… In my mind they have obvious meaning… I’ve floated out those words now and then to recieve mixed reactions… Curiosity… Blank stares… Then a couple of days ago someone fully grokking the obviousness that I felt… OK so maybe now is the right time to flesh out this idea…

The tide drifted out again and I thought of other things… Then this morning the waves were again lapping at my toes. Sat waiting for a recidivist latecomer, I decided other people’s bad timing keeping was not my problem. I was on time and so I’d embrace this disruption to my schedule as being a chance to just let my mind drift for a few moments and see where it took me…

I picked up my phone and refound an image… Oh… The Saelig Oracle! I’d forgotten that I had started that… It was made from random scribbles that I then photographed and played with digitally… Ah… Digitally… I bet I’ve lost all of that work when my laptop committed suicide… Oh… Though maybe not? I’m pretty sure I managed to get everything shifted to an external hard drive seconds before the mutinous piece of junk spluttered out its lights for the final time… Hmm… But where is my external hard drive? Because if I’ve put it somewhere safe then it’s going to take me an eternity to remember where I stashed it… So I kind of wrote off the idea as gone for good…

Wow… Where is W today? This is late even by her standards… Meh… I’m getting paid to wait… I decide to check my emails but before I head to inbox, I catch site of a named folder… Oh… OK…My insurance against my own stupidity and forgetfulness… I must have emailed myself… Yup… There it was… A dozen or so emails from Past Me to Future Me… Now Me opened them up…

Ah… OK… I’m not actually as lazy as I give myself credit for… Alongside each image was also a short message that I’d written…

The image at the top of this post is from 4 years ago today… The accompanying words were…

The beauty of synchronicity is the harmonious recognition of Divine Creativity radiating through the soul and into form…

Karen Sealey

So… Lucid Intuition… I’m not yet going to explain that here… Though I note that it’s time to get the L.I. lit.

8 thoughts on “Lucid Intuition

  1. Your Moira sense of internal timing came back around to lap at your toes, and now you’re going for a swim. That’s a great ablution pool of creativity, a deep well from within you’ve made, discovered, lost, re-discovered, and then re-found on top of it. Look forward to hearing its gestures of language from how it speaks moving forward from The Then-And-Now Wornhole.

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      1. Record them. I’ve had times when I struck a vein that bloomed into other veins magnetic in to open with it. Left my phone on record while I intermittently spoke the others for the phone to take the dictation. Kind of like a drummer using all 4 limbs differently. And THEN, there’s the drummer that can sing on top of it all.

        Be back later. Have a couple of creative floods myself to tend to before disappearing into meetings. 🙂

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