Slipping Away


Oh my… let me just flex my old joints… It’s been a long time since I last hopped! Ok… let’s go! I guess hopping is a good way to mark the equinox and better for my waistine than celebrating my Birthday by eating my own bodyweight in chocolate cake… I’m not sure we’re even allowed Birthday cake anymore? Can you blow out candles with a mask on? There’s a lot of candles…I’m not sure my mask is flame retardant… Hmmm… If I blow sans mask then no-one else will want a slice… OK! Focus focus FOCUS!

I’ve you’ve arrived here via my neighbours Tarot In Love or Messages from Lore, then welcome! The prompt that caused me to brush the dust off my hopping head is as below…

Our challenge today is to channel passion and desire in our writing: using tarot (or another cartomantic system) as a reference, write a scene from a romance novel! (We like it hot and heavy, but sadly it’s best if we keep it safe for work.)

Joy Vernon

I smiled when I read the topic… It took me back to graveyard shifts in casinos and passing the hours by inventing crazy stories about what I thought punters may get up to in their private lives… I don’t frequent casinos these days so things (although I doubt it) may have changed… Back then, the pit was an area for private members… The entrance guarded by a receptionist who would not reveal you were there… A place devoid of phones and photographs and timeline taggings and location check-ins… A place ideal for illicit meetups with the mistress… Another world outside the rules of mundane morals… well mostly… sometimes discretion slipped and worlds collided… Like the time a very sweet colleague of mine commented to a regular punter – On your own tonight? Your wife’s not with you? My colleague died a thousand deaths as a woman next to the punter grabbed him by the throat and snarled at her…I’M HIS WIFE! Who has he been bringing in here?!

What’s all this got to do with tarot? Maybe nothing… maybe everything…?

I guess croupier boredom games are a good training ground for reading cards… I guess some old habits die hard as when I use the Thoth deck, every time I find the HP and the HM in the same room, there’s a little bit of my mind that goes…Oh… yeah… I see you… I know your game… For a couple of watery cards… those two sure are hot for each other… I see them together and all kinds of steamy thoughts flood to mind…

I’m fairly sure they’ve perfected the iconic Spiderman kiss scene… But mostly I imagine that when the cards are back in the box and there’s no-one looking… He slips his noose… she sheds her veil and they disappear together to some fancy exclusive lido…

I’m going to stop writing there as “sadly it’s best if we keep it safe for work” and I’ll let the pictures speak a thousand words…

So I’ll take the above as the inspiration for the below… You can make up your own guesses as to what scenes might be contained within… Or maybe just leave the cover closed as sometimes the anticipation and imagination play out something that makes reality a disappointment by comparison…

Sorry (not sorry) about the NSFW raspberry ripples…

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