Slipping Away

PREVIOUS | MASTER LIST | NEXT Oh my… let me just flex my old joints… It’s been a long time since I last hopped! Ok… let’s go! I guess hopping is a good way to mark the equinox and better for my waistine than celebrating my Birthday by eating my own bodyweight in chocolate cake… I’m not sure we’re […]

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Ad hoc hotchpotch

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT The Magic of Images Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop… Joy Vernon threw down the gauntlet with this one! Ah! Magic and tarot… I’ve always had a kind of haphazard relationship here and to be honest I’m more Jonathan Strange than Mr Norell… I don’t have a problem with structured and studied […]

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12 Days and 78 Cards of Crimbo

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT For this blog hop, Arwen Lynch Poe set the tone with- It’s that time of the year again! The dreaded office party. Oh no! But we are going to make it fun. Now is the time for our Winter celebration. You may call that Yule or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or Solstice or Christmas […]

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A Mabon Tarot Blog Hop Bouquet

Welcome aboard, you’ll have arrived from Chloe for Celtic Lenormand ….The  MasterList … or Louise Underhill’s Priestess Tarot … I’ll start off by pointing out a couple of things: I’m more than a bit partial to a random ramble… It’s my Birthday 😀 so indulge me! I promise I will eventually talk my way full circle… 😉 […]

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My Thoth Lit Up

So… I’ve had a Thoth deck since 1990… though I’ve hardly used it as it just never really seemed to sit right with me. The colours always seemed so dull… And it’s always seemed a very masculine deck to me… Probably because around the time I first encountered it, I often found myself in the […]

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