12 Days and 78 Cards of Crimbo


For this blog hop, Arwen Lynch Poe set the tone with-

It’s that time of the year again! The dreaded office party. Oh no! But we are going to make it fun. Now is the time for our Winter celebration. You may call that Yule or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or Solstice or Christmas or some other name. For this hop, your challenge is to join us in an office party. Crazy right? But read on! You are to create a Winter gift for your readers. That can be your insight into which Tarot/Lenormand/Oracle card is the most like Winter for you. Maybe there’s a deck you find seasonal. You could offer a recipe that is tied to a Tarot card. Maybe tell us a story about holidays past. Create a spread, write a poem, design a card. Whatever you choose to do will be a perfect gift of you to the rest of our Tarot community. So gather round for this Winter Tarot Blog Hop as we do our own version of a virtual Secret Elf office party.

Well, unfortunately, folks… I am a party pooper of gigantic proportions and I’ve got my feet up and I’m indulging in some 1980’s TV…

But… before you draw any Grinch comparisons… I have got you a little gift… Some folks say that TV rots the brain… but it gave me a little food for thought and something for your tarot table… see… you hear nonsense…

I see βˆ‘

If you add up all the numbers 1 to 12…then you get a number that sounds more than somewhat familiar to Tarot readers everywhere… you get that magical 78… So…I’m sure many of you will have managed to slip the name of a new deck to Santa and those of you that have been good have goodies to play with… as for the naughtier amongst you…I’m sure you’ve already got plenty to choose from… so gather your decks… and here… I bring to you…


The 12 Days of Christmas 78 Card Lego Spread


Lego? I hear you say…

Yes… Lego…OK… you have all the pieces… there’s the picture on the box of how it looks when constructed…

(OK… I saidΒ I’d got you a gift… I said nothing about it being a good gift…)

The bad news is…

Ahh…. the instructions got tossed along with all the torn up wrapping paper…

so… you’re just going to have to wing it and build your own version…

Design it how you like!


No batteries required!

You have 12 days to do it…

But best of all…

It doesn’tΒ induce mind-bending nauseating pain when you accidentally tread barefoot on it in the dark…



Hear that…?

Pesky Carol Singers…

I’m off to release the hounds…


On the 12th day of Christmas, my old Thoth gave to me…
12 Dudes a-dangling
11 Ladies lusting
10 Wheels a-turning
9 Lanterns burning
8 Actions pending
7 Wins for claiming
6 Souls inflaming
4 Stubborn rams
3 White swans
2 Pillars tall
And a Magus with a monkey

To escape to safety… throw the dogs a mince pie or better still…

Hit one of the links!


28 thoughts on “12 Days and 78 Cards of Crimbo

  1. Ewwwww! (The Kenny Everett bit). Hilarious, as always. I don’t think I have your comedic brilliance to do that word dance with one of my decks for the 12 days, but you nailed the Thoth (which does lend itself rather nicely). Oh, and I’ve definitely felt the Lego pain before….:)


  2. Oh, yes, Siobhan, you should subscribe to this blog. Always a good laugh, and also often a profound insight wrapped in (w)ry. Karen keeps the hippy vibe “vibrantly” alive in this space.


  3. Well, I did a version, and there’s a lot to think about… I think my cards are jealous of my husband, they always tell me to leave him (I love him to his bits, so not gonna happen, lol)

    I have started it from the bottom, first laying the 12 cards and then the upper rows, finishing with the one card at the top. Their meanings I have numbered according to the number of cards the rows have, so you actually start from #12… well, here’s my first go:

    1: the best I can bring out of myself
    2: 2 things to bring into my life
    3: 3 things to get rid of
    4: how my beliefs are hindering me
    5: how my beliefs help me
    6: my relation with god and spirituality
    7: how my relationship with the ‘without’ hinders me
    8: how my relationship with the ‘without’ helps me
    9: my relationship with the outside world
    10: how my basic personality hinders me
    11: how my basic personality helps me on my way
    12: my basic personality traits


    1. Wow! Nice work πŸ™‚ I’m impressed you found time to do it. I plan on doing mine tomorrow… starting at the bottom with row of 12 for monthly lessons for the year…


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