Reiki & New Year’s Resolutions…


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Welcome to the 6th Reiki Blog Hop!

For the theme for the first Reiki Blog Hop of 2017, I decided to keep things simple and to follow the seasonal trend and ask my fellow hoppers their thoughts on New Year and how that relates to their Reiki practice.

I’ll be honest… I’m even less enthusiastic about New Year than I am about Christmas… ok admittedly there’s a bit of family history that casts a long shadow over it but that is fading nicely… My big bug bear really is that it’s a time of year that gets eNoisy… suddenly a LimpedIn Landslide of contact request from soulpreneurs I’ve never heard of but who want to flog their shit invite me to invest in myself for a year-long subscription costly a mere x-thousand or maybe a more affordable monthly option of 12  easy installments of x-thousand divided by 10 as hopefully, I’m too innumerate to calculate that that will cost me x-thousand plus 20%… And as for the general shouting about how this year is going to be the best year EVER… ha! no actually that one kind of appeals to my grimmest sense of humour as I imagine the best year EVER followed by an increasingly dreary and depressing decline to the grave… downhill all the way to the end of eternity…

Though maybe the Cosmos has my back this year and we’ve managed to manifest a mostly silent arrival into 2017… or more precisely, I received some unexpected good fortune in that facebook has decided that it doesn’t care for my old BlackBerry any longer and so now my smart phone has upped it’s I.Q. considerably as it’s not constantly being interrupted by notifications… And whilst I have no urge to do the – “hey! if you are reading this then you have survived the cull” type update as hey… there are many good folks on fb who I enjoy keeping up with… I must admit I am really enjoying the eSilence, particularly as on the back of this, I also decided that I’m not going to check email in the morning (and by morning I mean before 3.00 pm) anymore as hey… nobody is going to die if they have to wait a few hours…

So… what on earth has all this to do with Reiki and New Year’s resolutions? I hear you ask…

Well… simply put… I’ve decided to follow simplicity… I decided that maybe yes, I should formalise a Reiki resolution as hey, it’s good to define goals after all, but rather than wrack my brain I decided to dust off the Reiki Techniques Card Deck by Bronwen and Frans Steine and pull for inspiration…


So there we have it… Groundwork…

Now on the back of this card, there is written a rather lovely non-traditional Reiki method and it is suggested that you perform this practice as the sun rises…

But let’s get realistic here… My proclivity to owlish hours means that mostly if I’m seeing a sunrise then I’m on my way to bed rather than on my way out to face the world… and if, as on the odd rare occasion, I am actually getting up with the Larks, I’m pretty willing to lay a hefty bet that my mind will not be in any fit state to recite the Sun’s Mantra:

A ma te ra su Oo Mi Kami

And I really do get quite anxious about mis-chanting mantras… should a careless vowel slip take you from seeking enlightenment to summoning daemons… Though I’m not above mispronouncing Baphomet to rhyme with ballet just to annoy the long-suffering Mr S…and Hmmm… if I accidentally conjured up a Damon of the Matt variety…lalalala TMI alert!! make your own puns about exercising/exorcising demon/Damon… Oh… where was I? Ah…yes… that’s right… the pursuit of simplicity…

So… I thought to myself… ok, you know all the things you’re just not going to change anytime soon but what can you do to greet the day? And I remembered an old practice that I used to do daily a few years back and somehow let lapse…


Each day, no matter what time I got up, I would head straight downstairs and into the garden and raise my arms to sky and just breathe… breathe in the day… stretch…sometimes I’d let the Reiki precepts silently run through my mind and other days they gave way to the sound of birdsong… ah… breathe… stretch…breathe… feel the air upon my face and the ground beneath my feet and stay there until I decided to no longer stay there…

So… my resolution…

New Year! Old Practices!

Is that lazy?

I don’t know…

Though I’d somehow rather great each new day as it comes … to create tiny steps… than try to promise myself huge leaps (that will probably crash) once a year…

You can step, leap or hop or even hop, skip and jump over to my neighbours by clicking the links, but if you happen to be here before noon then shhhhhhh…. please keep the noise down! 😉


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9 thoughts on “Reiki & New Year’s Resolutions…

  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh, pull a Reiki card for me! I didn’t get that deck before it went out of print. Lovely exercise! I’ve tried practices tied to sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight/bedtime, but I always found it hard to keep up, especially when the sun inconveniently started setting during class time, then during my client hours, and so on. I think greeting the sun once a day is an admirable goal!

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    1. I pulled Resonance for you 🙂 I’ll inbox you photos as I don’t know how to add them to the comments section… Lol yes for a big object that supposedly sits in the centre, the Sun is a very moveable and tricky thing to catch! 😀


      1. Haha! Yes, it is tricky to catch! Thanks for the card–Resonance–sounds perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing the card and the recommended practice! Thank you!

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  2. Amaterasu had a sister Uzume who is the goddess of mirth…its a good tale of how Uzume brought Amaterasu out of the cave to shine again as the sun goddess. Through laughter the sun shines….very apt for you xx

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  3. It’s very interesting because I was having this very conversation piece earlier on, I’ve taken a massive step back from the big E or the I depending on which one works best. Simples is where I have been taking myself a lot of late and Oh yes! the no one is going to… was a huge release for me towards the middle of last year.

    As you’ll see in my bit for this hop, I was carrying the responsibility of eons around with me and to let that go, was a massive shift. Another one I felt resonant echoes with, thanks for the gift!

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