Slipping Away

PREVIOUS | MASTER LIST | NEXT Oh my… let me just flex my old joints… It’s been a long time since I last hopped! Ok… let’s go! I guess hopping is a good way to mark the equinox and better for my waistine than celebrating my Birthday by eating my own bodyweight in chocolate cake… I’m not sure we’re […]

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Teaching Crow

I refound this image this afternoon, I’m not sure of the exact date that I drew it other than it came in somewhere in the midst of creating images for the D.O. I rememeber wondering if it belonged with the other drawings, I pondered for a while then decided against it. It felt to come […]

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In The Shipwreck Of My Mind…

It’s been a strange couple of months… April marked the first anniversary of a venture that I’m collaborating on with a colleague… it’s been an interesting and creative adventure and although pretty far from finished, it has reached a point where we felt it was time to assess what we had done to date… it […]

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