I’ve taken the LOROS challenge…

The Accumulator Challenge 2014
The Accumulator Challenge 2014

There will be few people in Leicester who haven’t heard of LOROS… most people will have had some connection whether through family or friends and as such will know what a valuable service it is. A few years back, I was spending many hours there visiting a loved one and that is why I decided to take the accumulator challenge.

So… today I start with £50 and I have until Wednesday 11th June 2014 to turn that into as much as I can to aid LOROS…

I’ve got a few ideas tucked up my sleeve and I will keep you posted… but you know… I’m open to ideas if anyone has any suggestions… See, Pure & Blessed is a one woman operation and I find myself now competing up against some big national companies… So… I could do with a little help from my friends… If you have any ideas, get in touch…

For those of you who haven’t heard of LOROS… here’s some info…




2 thoughts on “I’ve taken the LOROS challenge…

  1. Karen, you will be fine!!! And remember that LOROS Partnership Development Team is there to give you a hand any time you need this! I hope that you will have fabulous time during this challenge!!! Well done!!!


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