Jingle Jangle Hells Bells

Last night, someone asked me an innocent and innocuous question and something strange happened… I can’t think of a good way to describe it… For want of a better expression, I’d say my whole body just spazzed out. Both my shoulders launched themselves towards my ears, I just about kept my left hand on the […]

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Everyone’s a winner!

Forget what I said this morning. By this evening, the whole world of exam results has been put to right! Now this morning, the official line was that an algorithm had been used to standardise results across the country so an A* from one school equated an A* from another. Hmm… Makes sense… The algorithm […]

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Night Mares

I started the day without a care in the world. The sun was trying to push its way through, I had very little on my rota, work was quickly done and my final solo leg homewards bound felt like a good to be alive day. I cranked up the radio and kept my foot on […]

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Anyone Can Play Guitarot…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Welcome aboard the tarot blog hop musical express, directed by Jay Cassels who invited us to get our Gleek on. I do remember the exact notes but I’m fairly certain that artistic license and ad-libbing was pre-approved and so although I can on occasion just about carry a tune in a bucket, I’ll spare […]

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