Irreverent Things

I was reading Jordan Hoggard’s blog earlier and paused over a question he posed… Mr S was sat next to me. I said to him – Would you say I have any irreverent habits? He guffawed PAH! ALL of your habits are irreverent! Oh? Like what? I said… He starts to go through a long […]

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In the process of breaking in the Discarded Oracle, I’ve been road testing ImaginAction. The spreads are not new to me, they’ve been around since 2012. I’ve tried several in the past but now they are handily neatly repackaged all in one place. A pdf beautiful banquet of 78 Art-Inspired Divination Spreads, alongside a nifty […]

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Getting Some Retro Perspective…

So… it’s that time again… yeah… who needs an emphemeris when you’ve got a fb newsfeed… Mercury has gone retrograde… Let the blaming and shaming commence… Now personally… I don’t care much either way which way Mercury is facing… I’m often beset with electrical malfunctions and rarely do they coincide with Merc Rx… frequently they […]

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Why do you read Tarot?

Recently.. I undertook a University Challenge… Yup… The time for Summer Balls and Pure & Blessed is on the road and Sealey is reading Tarot at Jesus College Cambridge… Now just that in and of itself is enough to fill my little tarot heart fit to burst with little (OK MASSIVE!!!) Squees of GLEE!!! 🙂 […]

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The Flip Side of The Coin…

I’ve always been quite partial to this card and seen it as wonderfully flowing energy of give and take… and in my head, it does roll around like this… But interesting things happen sometimes in conversations and you get a whole new view through another’s eyes… A year or so ago… I don’t know… I […]

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ISHmail… Episodes 19-24

Diptychs turned triptychs… ISHmail Follow my latest project… Watch out for my weekly diptychs/triptychs… Pastel portraits to go with each episode of J Jordan Hoggard’s Inner State Highways on  PEN – The Para Encounters Network A4 prints are for sale… they come as a duo/trio… Take your pick… Price – £25 (p+p inc.) per set. […]

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