In the process of breaking in the Discarded Oracle, I’ve been road testing ImaginAction. The spreads are not new to me, they’ve been around since 2012. I’ve tried several in the past but now they are handily neatly repackaged all in one place. A pdf beautiful banquet of 78 Art-Inspired Divination Spreads, alongside a nifty creation backstory (if divination is not your thing, then take a look anyway, it’s a story well worth the read) and a guide to How to use ImaginAction to get more actionable with your divination.

Available to download, over at Jordan’s Journey ~ Alchemy of Mystereum Tarot, ImaginAction, Astrology, Tarot, Art. Go check it out.

I won’t bore you with the details of my reading, other than to share something that made me smile… Mr Hoggard writes ‘You may find you are able to simply scry into the artwork’. I like this… I like this a lot… I look into the image and maybe I imagine it but I’m fairly sure diagonally scribed across the dark green band are the words ‘There are some’ 🙂

What do you see?

11 thoughts on “ImaginAction

  1. Thank you, Karen!! This review and road test of ImaginAction with the D.O. Gave me the biggest temple-flexing, forehead swelling smile!! Thank You!!

    And, I love that you found the words. And, I love even more that you found words different than wrote I wrote/scribed across the green band — and no reason to say what they were, the art stands and speaks on its own… and I see it taught itself to speak differently than moi, the maker. Looking forward to see what other people see. My scripty handwriting is certainly hieroglyphic-flourish up for interpretation. What a cool gig. “There are some.” 🙂

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