Karen’s Tarot Diaries 13/06/17

From 3 years ago today…

An unexpected jaunt to Bristol today to read tarot at a staff awards evening. Little bit puzzled as to why none of the staff could shuffle cards… only to find out that they have machines to do these things now… Though instantly bonded and made a friend for life with one of the guys who during his reading said to me – Can you even begin to imagine what my life is like? What it’s like to always be that dealer who has the crazy punter in the room walk straight over to your table?
I smirk…
Karen! Seriously!! Can you even imagine?! Every Saturday for over a year! It’s like I have some huge magnet attached to my head that attracts nutters! Can you imagine that?
Sweety! I don’t need to! That was my life for 12 years!
TWELVE YEARS! He lunges across the table… Fuck me! I think I love you! Dammit! There I go again falling for married women! I’m sorry! I’m a little bit drunk!
That’s ok- I say… it’s perfectly understandable… hold on, I’ll turn my loon magnet down… 😀
A good night that had me driving home with fond memories of all the lovely folks I’ve worked with over the years… Casino Folk are a special breed 🙂

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