The trouble with words is that you never know where and how they’ll land. A few weeks or so I recieved a text. It was out of the blue… Hmm… No, that’s not quite exact, it was unexpected… Not at all out of the blue once I thought it through … It had just taken […]

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Waxtober 29

When I first looked at today’s waxing, I was struck by what looks like an ethereal figure, radiating light… I asked myself the question – Is that some kind of guide? Who is that..? As I held that thought in mind, with my inner vision I could clearly see an image from the Orphaned Oracle… […]

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Defining Boundaries

Yesterday was a day put aside for play but rain put paid to that. Instead it turned into a good day’s work, with myself and C laying down the underpinning structure for our next project together. I guess that’s the thing when you decide you’re going to speak to Old Gods… They like to hold […]

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Let Sleeping Gods Lie.

This is one of my favourite images in my Discarded Oracle. C, my partner in crime showed me a photograph she’d taken whilst walking (I think in the Lake Districts but I may be wrong). She’d stumbled across an old bath and felt drawn to it. Plant life had grown around it and filled with […]

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Welcome to The Ex Files…

When it comes to Family of Origin vs Family of Choice… I think I’ve made my preference more than clear in Confessions of an Elective Orphan…  Though as a brief summary…. well I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again… Blood may be thicker than water… But which would you rather swim in… Yes… […]

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My Thoth Lit Up

So… I’ve had a Thoth deck since 1990… though I’ve hardly used it as it just never really seemed to sit right with me. The colours always seemed so dull… And it’s always seemed a very masculine deck to me… Probably because around the time I first encountered it, I often found myself in the […]

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