Bunking Off

Yesterday came 7 of Pentacle nudgings followed by photos reappearing that reminded me that 5 years ago, along with a friend, I set off on a series of grand adventures.

To a muggle’s eye, it may have looked like a couple of women of a certain age sat in a field… Yet while our bodies sat still, we were away on far-flung travels…

Yesterday, I found myself rumagging through my bookcase… Where’s my discarded oracle? The series of postcards brought back from astral travels?

I found them under gathered dust. Discarded may be too strong a word as I’ve never completely dumped them. Occasionally I will read for myself or someone else if I hear them call, but certainly they’ve been out of action for quite some time and often feel like a guilty secret as life and laziness meant that I never got around to writing them up in any orderly fashion… In fact, the majority of my 22 cards are as yet untitled.

Today I pull a card and recall how I was never quite content with this image. At the time of pulling this image down from the ether, one of the magnets used to pull was the rune “Ehwaz” – horse.

I’m still lazy, too lazy to go dig out original notes from where I think they most probably are so instead I’ll do what I probably do best and tell you a tale about my day.

Today, the sun burns brightly over fields of green and I finish my rounds and realise I’ve forgotten to fill in my time sheet for this month. Due to the unfathomable way the company I work for organises things, the collection point for my time sheet is just about the furthest point away from the place I have to return the wagon to…

This is my lucky day! Roads as clear as the sky and me with a full tank. I’m heading out into the sticks… Oh! Shit! I’m lost! How did that happen? Ah… I got caught up in noticing all the blossom filled trees… No worries! SatNav on! Yeah… I’m still lost as now I’m watching birds flying and swooping and the la la la isn’t nature beautiful song in my head has drowned out the ding ding turn alerts.

I bring my attention back to direction long enough to arrive and collect my paperwork. Back in the driving seat and I’m soon lost again as I’ve gone off track wondering hmmm what’s down this road… Sod the SatNav! This time I steer with the compass on my dashboard… North is the way to go…

I’m laughing away to myself that I get paid to joy ride, then I offer up a prayer that my mileage log doesn’t rat me out. The phone rings – it’s my Area Manager. BUSTED!

“Karen, are still on the road?”

“Errr… Yup! I nipped to pickup time sheets. I’m on my way back now.”

“Oh OK, any chance you can nip into A and collect some PPE to drop into B?”

“Not a problem at all. I’m practically on A’s doorstep and heading to B anyway.”

“What? You’re near A?”

“Yeah, turning in there right now.”

I hear stumble starts of sentences and slightly confused laughter until the words come out “How do you do that?”

I laugh and inform her that I have no idea…

As if I’ve going to tell her that somewhere buried in my brain is a time-bending, psychic SatNav…

I look back to my refound card and my day seems to ride out well with it…

Being lost does not equate to lacking sense of direction…

One of my gifts in life is that I’m never bored. I’m an opportunist adventurer flitting between mundane and magical worlds…

Now is a time more than ever when our butts are in the chair (yeah, I appropriated bitc from an old friend). But our minds are not clipped.

Where will you travel today?





2 thoughts on “Bunking Off

  1. “ Being lost does not equate to lacking sense of direction…” Amen! Serendipitous stumbles discover treasure, make verdant experience. And, thanks for remembering my BITCh method — Butt In The Chair — and making it ALL yours.

    This is such a wonderful 7 of Pentacles post! From the depths of Beyond. Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School penned “Depths of Above” for the 7 of Pents, though I prefer Depths of Beyond. The “Above attribution to “depth” certainly plays a mental pun which I full-on dig, though I call the 7 of Pents The Soul Gardener with Depths from Beyond fertilized right into the earth as they amend the soil. Your image at the start of this post is a wonderfully abstract expressionist 7 of Pentacles… that I don’t find abstract at all. It’s clear. 7 of Pentacles.

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