Crystal Cast


The Crystal Cast uses a collection of 56 beautiful crystals, that I have worked with and learnt from over many years as a healer. Time and time again, I noticed that people were intuitively drawn to exactly the right crystals to meet their needs. By meditating and working with my guides, I have found a way to share the wisdom of the crystals to help others along their life path.

Three casts are made – Past, Present and Future

In order to look to the future, we need to be able to examine where we are and how we arrived there through conscious and unconscious efforts. Valuable insights can be made from our past and present, so that we can become fully aware of our full potential in the future.

The position of the crystals on the cloth brings insight to your inner world and helps to understand the energy and influences around you. It may indicate which areas of your life are out of balance and aid you to use your own natural powers of intuition to bring harmony and healing into your life.


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