A Refound Reading

I’ve spent the last few days resisting the urge to get my tumblestones out (or tumbles tones as my autoguess likes to suggest… Tumbles tones… Tumbles tones… I’m tempted to roll with that… I guess it would keep me moss free…) I started reading stones by accident I guess… 2010? 2011? I remember around that […]

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Divination Rocks!

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop set by Arwen Lynch who gave the following brief: “Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?” That’s it. Short and sweet. Simple. You can answer it however you like. Karen Sealey Now my first reflex answer was – No, no […]

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Crystal Cast

The Crystal Cast uses a collection of 56 beautiful crystals, that I have worked with and learnt from over many years as a healer. Time and time again, I noticed that people were intuitively drawn to exactly the right crystals to meet their needs. By meditating and working with my guides, I have found a way […]

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Casting Chrysalis Crystals…

So… it’s a bit of rainy day today and it feels like a good day, to be busy doing nothing in particular… so… I thought I would share something I have been playing around with for quite a while… Yes… I’ve been playing with Mr Jordan Hoggard’s 78 spreads for quite a while, in quite […]

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Doe Demure’s Dance Dilemma…

Doe Demure is a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer based in the East Midlands. If you live in Leicester and you’ve not met Doe yet on your travels, where on earth have you been? This is one busy lady… Not only does Doe perform at a variety of events including weddings, private parties, clubs, restaurants, […]

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