Divination Rocks!


Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop set by Arwen Lynch who gave the following brief:

“Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?”
That’s it. Short and sweet. Simple. You can answer it however you like.
Karen Sealey
Now my first reflex answer was – No, no I don’t combine tarot with other divination systems! Why? Because most of my tarot is done fast paced at events and when it comes to setting up and packing away, I like to be in and out like the SAS and not worrying about whether or not I have everything…
But then it occurs to me… in the comfort of my own home, I tend to use lots of different divination systems and then yes, yes I will combine other divination systems with tarot… and yes, yes I do know that that vice versa version of the question makes me sound like a pernickety pedant… but hey ho! Virgo is as Virgo does…
So… recently, I’ve been working a lot with casting crystals and for many years I’ve done it with a big bag that’s getting bigger and bigger and so I decided it was time to mix things up a bit and try something else, so I opted for the 16 stone method of 10 planet stones and 6 stones for pockets of life…
So let’s give you a drive-by crapshoot of a reading…

Ok – so here you have the 16 stones tossed down and I’ll outline quickly the key things that caught my eye… Ok, so there’s a big cluster in 10th house which reflects the nature of the question in question… But more interestingly to me was – one of the first things that I look for is where the Sun stone (central yellow one) is and where the Life stone (top right green one)is… So… the Sun stone tends to depict where you’re at and the Life stone – where you feel you are at… so preferably I like to see them close together though not necessarily central. The Life stone is way off yonder and as I look across the two stones I see that they are part of a line of four stones, where outside the circle at around 8 0’clock is the Love stone and in the 8th house is the Mars stone pointing towards the 7th house. So in brief, I’m seeing that regarding work, the loving feeling has been somewhat lost and although the querent has a strong presence they are feeling adrift… the cause of that feels to be pointed out by the Mars stone which hints as blockages caused by passive aggressive relationships…

So… this where the Tarot comes in and with this casting method, I like to use A.T. Mann’s Mandala Astrological Tarot…

Why? Because crystals are very good at giving the big picture but the problem with that is that it’s easy to slide into a slip-stream of a solipsistic swim-a-thon dissolving into drowning in an ocean of onanistic observations never arriving at a cut and dry answer…

So… the Tarot… it keeps it short and sweet… it cuts the crap and culls the deadwood away to see the live shoots…

So… above, 3 cards were pulled to see where to focus on pulling that Sun stone and Life stone into a conjunction… The cards write the hit list and then all the misses are removed… 

The Life stone was left on as it was part of the question and the cards stripped down the cast, leaving just the 5th and 6th house occupied, leaving a  very succinct answer to the original work question. Ah! but there’s a stone sat in Aries that has been accidentally left behind… or maybe not, as that stone is Saturn and as it happens the position in Aries matches the Querent’s natal chart but we’re keeping this short and sweet so I’ll wrap it up here and toss you out to my neighbours…


16 thoughts on “Divination Rocks!

  1. I recognise this system of using crystals, the change is that the author who designed the pack I have is using seasons, archetypes and witch connotations; nice to see it done in a far easier way.


    1. I bought a really really simple kit way back in the late ’80’s (which I’ve never seen again and have no idea what it was called…) and never really used it, then lost it during a house move in ’92… Minus the Tarot part and the 6 life stones, I think this way of reading harks back to then…


  2. Tee hee, I have several different bags of crystals, one of which is a similar astrological stones thing. However, I don’t have such a lovely reading cloth, just one I scribed myself, and I haven’t added in life area stones. Nor do I have your fluency in reading them! 😀
    I find it funny how different people see things. Some people say they like Lenormand because it’s short, snappy and practical, and that tarot is too spiritual/burdened with multiple associations. I figure it’s all in how the reader approaches whichever tool they use. I once dated a guy who could read a natal chart in the blink of an eye, progress it, and come out with very practical answers…

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    1. My reading “cloth” is a cardboard insert that comes in the back of the Crystal Decoder – you can pick them up on Amazon for £0.01 + p&p 🙂 Yes, I’d agree with you as to in the approach. I think Tarot taken on a mundane level can be brutally blunt and Lenormand whilst punchy can lead into very lengthy reads


  3. What a brilliant way to integrate multiple systems and I love your yes AND no answer to the blog prompt. How much do we get wrapped up in our identity of “what kind of reader I am”. Fine to change our minds ya? Also, I really vibe with your intent to REMOVE information and be direct rather than to keep piling on more.


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