Casting Chrysalis Crystals…

So… it’s a bit of rainy day today and it feels like a good day, to be busy doing nothing in particular… so… I thought I would share something I have been playing around with for quite a while…

Yes… I’ve been playing with Mr Jordan Hoggard’s 78 spreads for quite a while, in quite a few ways… with tarot and oracles or for playing with sketches, or pieces of writing and sometimes even as place to go meditating… a private pool for skinny dipping…

And often, I like to get my crystals out… so here is the most recent cast…

009 Spiracle Miracle (c) Jordan Hoggard
009 Spiracle Miracle (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard
Chrysalis Crystals
Chrysalis Crystals

So… let’s have a quick sprint through the ‘Spiracle Miracle’ Spread…

1. What chrysalis protects your transformations for new growth?

The ability to tap into unconscious wisdom, intuition, the psychic self and then to communicate visions clearly. Being alert to deceptions to remove energetic blocks. Developing the trust that inner magic illuminates outer world.

2. How is your chrysalis connected?

By speaking from the heart – being aware of and guided by feelings to resolve emotions. Sensing the emotions of others and using the ability to adapt ideas to real human situations.

3. How do your inner wings aspirate inspiration?

Trusting own feelings in any situations where strong feelings are held. Look for the truth of a situation rather than being swayed by sympathy.

4. What body of ideas will emerge to breath new life?

Getting back to grass roots and trusting the evidence of the senses… a re-connection to the knowledge that you are born just knowing…

5. What inner sun(flower) prepares you for each new breath?

Patience… recognising and allowing natural endings to phases of life. Finding balance and harmony. Allowing the optimism that is created by new ideas to come into focus.

I kind of like that… it sits quite nicely with… The Knight of Wands…

That’s my play for today with my supporting cast of crystals 😀

How will you play today?


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