A couple of days ago, I had one of those moments where I found myself ridiculously overjoyed by something very simple that I’d said… It was a short lived moment, interrupted by a mallard flying out in front of my car. I hit my brakes and called it a bastard as I managed not to hit it then it decided to pull a 180° for a second fly by and further expletives flew from my mouth – ducking fuck quack quack fucking motherducker kamikaze bastard! Not today! YES! Missed you! But briefly, just before that I was grinning inanely wondering why I felt quite so elated with what I’d just said… It had not been witty, clever, nor poetic, it had just been 3 small words…

My shotgun passenger had suddenly looked up – oh OK? This is not the usual route, what’s going on? Are we picking up someone else? Are you taking us somewhere different?

I told her nope, no one else and same old destination and she asked me – so why are we going this way?

Now my head filled with many answers – because blah blah blah, because blah de blah de blah blah… Because… Because the sky is blue, the sun is shining, because it’s a good day to be alive… Because blah blah blah… All those spiralling thoughts were cut silent by the words that escaped my mouth…

Now it sure did feel good to say that but on further reflection after the event, the thing that gave me most joy was her response. She’d turned to me with a beaming face – Cool! Because you can! Yup, that’s the best reason EVER!

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